Culinary Art of Making the Crispy Mini Wontons in Air Fryer

Mini Wontons in air fryer is such a great idea to have a snack either at midnight or for your brunch. This snack has a real hype in the culinary world and everyone is a huge fan of it. Most of the people in restaurants order this snack along with the perfect sauces and enjoy their meal. You can prepare the mini Wontons from scratch or cook the frozen ones in the air fryer. The process of preparing frozen items is very similar to that of the frozen hush puppies in the air fryer.

The use of an air fryer while making such snack dishes saves both your time and effort. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The process is always mess-free as there are no splashes of oil, like in the case of deep frying. You just put the food in and get it out when done. You can elevate your skills by trying out different recipes in different ways. Making the mini Wontons in your air fryer is going to be a good experience for you. The recipe is simple with some simple ingredients. Most of the ingredients are already available in your kitchen. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money while making this simple snack.

Companies and Brands to Get the Mini Wontons From

Preferring good quality and company is always a better idea to get your products. Buying frozen mini wontons from companies like Costco or Walmart will never disappoint you. These are the most famous ones to give the most authentic and flavorful products. Other than this, Bibigo is another really good brand. They make the most yummy Mini wontons and no one can deny this fact. Choosing the company of your choice is always your personal choice. Read the details before buying so that you will know if the air fryer method suits it or not. Then invest your money accordingly.

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Ingredients for Making the Mini Wontons in Air Fryer

You have to do some shopping from the local mart first to get your ingredients for this recipe. Buying the frozen Wontons, the spices and sauces will not cost you too much. You must have a cooking spray in your kitchen if you use the air fryer a lot. The ingredients include the following list:

  • A packet of good company Frozen mini Wontons
  • Cooking oil like sesame oil, olive oil or cooking spray
  • Dipping sauce like chili sauce, soy sauce or garlic mayo sauce

Crispy wontons in air fryer

Process of Making Mini Wontons to Unleash Flavors

The art of making this Mini Wonton snack is admirable. It includes a complete series of steps and you should not skip a single one of them. Adding seasonings and spices of your own choice is completely acceptable. But if you try to skip something, you will not get the same flavor in your Wontons.

Choosing Good Quality Mini Wontons

The first step you have to do is to choose mini Wontons from the local store. Choose them carefully and the ones that belong to a good company. You can also make them at home from scratch. All you have to do is fill them properly and then seal them. This will help the material from not coming out.

Doing the Prep Work on the Air Fryer

For preparing the air fryer for cooking, preheat air fryer first. Preheating the air fryer at a suitable temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. This preheating period is helpful to give the uniform texture and crispiness to your mini Wontons.

Filling the Air Fryer Basket with the Wontons

In the next step, you should fill the air fryer basket with the prepared Wontons, but before filling clean the air fryer properly. Keep spaces between them when you place them with each other. Make sure that these Wontons do not touch each other. The hot air will circulate and cook the food uniformly. You should just make a single layer. If they are more in quantity then you can cook them in more batches.

Using the Cooking Spray or Brushing Oil

Brushing oil on the top of the Wonton layer would be great. This gives a beautiful golden brown color to your Wontons. Moreover, if you do not like to brush oil, you can see the cooking spray. It helps to make your dish a good crispy dish in your mini Wontons. Do not spray too much. But sprinkle just a light layer of mist to get enough crispiness.

Starting the Process of Cooking

 You have to set a proper timer for the air fryer to cook your treats. For this purpose, set a cooking time of almost 7-8 minutes in the air fryer. Overcooking should not be a thing in his manner. You should avoid it because it will ruin all the flavor of your Mini Wontons. Check in between and flip them to cook evenly from both sides.

Serving the Mini Wontons in the Platter

Arrange the cooked, crispy mini Wontons on the serving plate. Put the dipping sauce aside. Sprinkle the freshly chopped green onions at the top. They give such a fresh look to the platter. serve with chili sauce or soy sauce.

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Pro Tips Related to the Homemade Mini Wontons

 You can also make vegetable mini wontons if you are making these from scratch. Stuffing them with the vegetables will make it a healthier meal.

  •  There is an option to buy gluten-free wontons. You can also make gluten-free ones at home.
  •  Preheating is a must in case of making the mini wontons in the air fryer.
  •  The type of air fryer also affects your results. The use of a Casori air fryer or an Instant Vortex plus air fryer gives great results.
  •  You can store the air-fried mini wonton leftovers in the freezer or refrigerator easily. Just keep them in the air-tight containers.
  •  The reheating of these mini wontons is also very easy and similar to the rest like the reheating of brisket or biscuits.


Which dipping sauces are best to serve with a snack like Mini Wontons?

The most famous dipping sauce accompanying this snack is soy sauce and sweet chili sauce. If you want a healthier alternative you can make the garlic dipping sauce at home. This is a matter of experimenting. You can find your perfect flavor only by trying out many of the sauces.

What are the possible fillings for the Mini Wontons?

The most famous wonton stuffing includes the chicken filling or the shrimp filling. For a healthier version, vegetable filling is a great option. Classic pork is also another option to make variations in the recipe every time you try it.

What is the correct way to prevent the wontons from sticking?

You should keep enough space in between the wontons in the air fryer basket. Other than this, use the cooking spray on the air fryer basket before filing this basket. This will prevent the material from sticking or burning. If the cooking spray is not available you can brush oil on the basket.


Making the Mini Wontons in the air fryer is just a fifteen-minute recipe. Such quick recipes are my favorite of everyone. People usually prefer snacks that require less time and effort but have amazing flavor. Stuffing with your favorite flavors is a great idea because you can make it healthy and delicious all at once. Make them crispy by using oil or cooking spray just like the waffles or patties in the air fryer. Experimenting is the second name of cooking. You can customize the recipe by adding your own favorite flavors. The spices include the powders and sauces which you use in almost every recipe. Mini Wontons prove to be a great meal as these are the bite-sized snacks for your movie night. 

Try to use a good company air fryer and do consider the Ninja air fryers or the Chicharron air fryers. Read the air fryer reviews before buying one. Once you get one, then get all the information and skills to handle this appliance. Being an expert in using the air fryer, will help a lot in making the perfect and delicious snacks.


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