Snacking on Crispy Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

Making a great appetizer like the Jalapeno poppers in air fryer is a great therapy when you feel tired on weekends. These snacks will ultimately freshen up your day. The recipe for making the jalapeno poppers is straightforward and quick. As you are using an air fryer, there is no concept of spending too much time in the kitchen. The combination of creamy and crunchy flavors on the inside and outside melts in the mouth to give a heavenly, delicious flavor. Being a spice lover, jalapeno poppers will be your next favorite snack. Foodies always count on new snacks and love the spicy ones a bit too much. This snack is spicier than onion rings, crispy crowns, hash browns, and even sausage patties. These are less crispy. But the jalapeno poppers are crisp enough to produce a crunchy sound when you take a bite.

The Chefman air fryer is very convenient for beginners, and if you are an expert, you can also go for other air fryers. Other useful air fryers include the Gourmia and Ninja air fryers. Consumers also give good reviews about the turbo-fry air fryer and the 5QT air fryer. If you follow the genuine recipe of the experts without skipping any step, you can get the perfect restaurant-style jalapeno poppers. Serving the cheese quesadilla alongside the jalapeno poppers makes such a great dish.

Ingredients Required for the Jalapeno Poppers

The list of the ingredients required to make the jalapeno poppers at home is relatively short and affordable. Buying the expensive ingredients for homemade snacks is not a recommendation from my side. Spend money on the most affordable spices and seasonings to get the perfect flavor for your food.

Fresh Jalapenos

To make at least one meal from the jalapeno poppers, you require at least 5-6 fresh jalapenos. Make sure the jalapenos are manageable. They should be suitable for medium size, so you can quickly put them in the air fryer.

Cream and Cheese Stuffing

You require at least half a cup of shredded cheddar cheese to stuff the cream and cheese in the jalapenos. Moreover, it would help if you had at least 4 oz cream cheese for one serving of the jalapeno poppers.

Green Onions

Only two or three tablespoons of freshly chopped green onions are required. These give a very fresh color to your serving when you sprinkle them on top of the jalapeno poppers.

Spices to add to the Stuffing

The spices to add to the filling include the black pepper and the garlic powder. Moreover, sprinkling in a suitable quantity of salt is another essential step.

Butter or Cooking Spray

Greasing is an essential step, and you require at least one tablespoon of melted butter. If butter is unavailable, you can use the cooking oil spray.


Only one-fourth or half a cup of the breadcrumbs are required to add up the crunch in the jalapeno poppers. You can use the ready-made Ponko breadcrumbs for this recipe. These are perfect to coat crispy layers on the stuffed jalapenos.

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Air fryer jalapeno popper

Steps to Make the Delicious Crispy Jalapeno Poppers in Air Fryer

Making the jalapenos poppers does not involve long steps or any lengthy recipe. You stuff the jalapenos and air fry them in the preheated air fryer. Please go through the given steps to make them perfect with clarity.

Slicing the Jalapenos

Use a very sharp knife to slice the jalapenos one by one. Slice them lengthwise. Remove all the flesh, waste and seeds from the jalapenos, and you can use a spoon. Make the jalapenos hollow to make space for the cream cheese stuffing.

Preparing the Cream Mixture

Take a small mixing bowl and add the cream cheese to it. Add the shredded cheese to the same bowl. Then, add the sliced green onions into this cream mixture. Sprinkle all the necessary spices into it. Add salt, pepper and the onion garlic powder. Mix well to combine all the flavors.

Stuffing the Jalapenos

In the next step, stuff the jalapenos with one tablespoon of mixture in each jalapeno.

Making the Breadcrumbs Coating

To make the breadcrumb coating, spread the breadcrumbs in a dish. Then, add a tablespoon of melted butter to these bread crumbs. Mix well. Bring the jalapenos one by one and dip them into the breadcrumb mixture. Make an even layer of the coating.

 Jalapeno Poppers in air fryer

After preheating the air fryer at a suitable temperature, arrange all the stuffed jalapenos into the air fryer basket. Keep spaces in the basket to let the air flow smoothly. Cook at the temperature of 375 degrees. The time period for this cooking is about 5-8 minutes.

Serving the Jalapeno Poppers

The jalapeno poppers can be served with the cheese sauces or the garlic mayo. Garlic mayo can be easily made at home. But if you want to add sides to your jalapeno pepper dish, you can serve the cheese chips, nuggets, or crisps.

Other Jalapeno Recipes to Try

There is a wide range of jalapeno snacks and main courses which you must try out. Restaurants offer a variety of appetizers and snacks, and being able to make them at home is such a great skill. You can use the jalapenos to make dishes like the Jalapeno Ranch chicken sandwich, Jalapeno Peri Peri bites, Jalapeno Popper deviled eggs or even the cheese spinach jalapeno.

You will love all of these recipes, especially this crispy air fryer jalapeno popper recipe, to have a kick of spices at any time of the day. A pro tip for making jalapeno dishes is to use plastic or rubber gloves while slicing the jalapenos. This helps prevent any rashes or sour feelings on your hands. Trying out different snacks in your own air fryer rather than spending a lot of money in restaurants is wise. Jalapeno poppers are a famous snack in almost all restaurants today. But only a few of them make the perfect ones with unique flavors inside. Try to follow an expert’s recipe so you can get the perfect snack as a result. 

Making the Jalapeno Poppers in the Oven

If you do not have an air fryer, you can easily make the same snack in the oven with the same comfort. Preheating the range is also very necessary, like the oven. You have to put the stuffed jalapenos in the preheated air fryer. Then, cook them in the oven for 10-15 minutes. The jalapenos in the oven will be less crispy than in the air fryer.

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How do you heat the frozen jalapenos in the air fryer?

Heating the frozen jalapenos in the air fryer is an easy task. Preheat the air fryer and then put the frozen jalapenos in the basket. Cook for 20-25 minutes for the perfectly crispy and cooked jalapeno poppers.

For how long can we keep the stuffed jalapenos?

You can keep the jalapenos fresh for 7-10 days if you keep them in the refrigerator. Please put them in air-tight containers to keep them away from the outer air and to lock the moisture in them. If you are using the store-bought jalapeno poppers, then these can stay good for two weeks at least.

Why do my jalapenos get soggy?

The one reason your jalapenos turn soggy and moist is thawing the frozen jalapenos. Frozen jalapenos are most likely to get soggy. Therefore, keep the jalapenos in the freezer until your air fryer is preheated. Then, cook them at a suitable high temperature. This will help you to get the perfect crispy in your jalapenos. Do not use foil to cover the jalapenos.

What are the health benefits of the jalapeno pepper?

Jalapeno poppers are not healthy as they are spicy snacks with fats like cream cheese and cheese stuffed in them. But you cannot call them unhealthy. You can indulge in These lighter snacks two to three times a week. It will not have any bad effect on your health.

Final Thoughts

Using Bacon to wrap the stuffed jalapeno peppers is a formal way of serving your jalapeno popper snack. This adds flavor to your air fryer jalapeno poppers and is also healthy. Removing the seeds from the jalapenos reduces their spice level, making them easily edible. Still, if some people find it extra spicy, you can serve other snacks, including biscuits, popcorn chicken or crispy rice, and jalapenos. You can replace the cheddar cheese in this recipe with mozzarella and jack cheese. All of them are good options for this recipe.

Jalapenos should be served hot like all the other appetizers, including pizza roll-ups, English muffins, and sandwiches. But if you want to have leftovers and are lazy to reheat them, you can also have the cold ones. The cold leftover jalapenos also taste very fine. Serving hasselback potatoes along with the jalapenos is a very thoughtful serving as it will reduce the spiciness of the whole meal. 

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