Reheating Biscuits in Air Fryer to a Perfection

Process of Reheating the Crispy Leftover Biscuits in Air Fryer

Getting the fresh flavor back in the biscuits can be possible if you know how to reheat them properly. Reheating the biscuits in an air fryer is quite an easy task. This includes no hard and fast rules. You have to follow a few simple conditions to get the perfect results. Getting the crispy, crunchy biscuits and donuts without any of them breaking needs practice. If you do it carelessly, the biscuit will break up while reheating.

Making the biscuits taste as good when reheat biscuits in air fryer as the fresh ones requires attention and affection. If you do it with heart, the results will satisfy your requirements. Putting your heart into anything you are doing, I am definitely going to pay you back. People usually consider it very difficult to reheat any frozen food  item such as frozen  burrito, cheese sticks, waffles and biscuits in an air fryer. But knowing the right techniques will make it easier.

Coating the creamy layer as  Jalapeno poppers on the top of the biscuits will make them taste even better. Pondering upon the professional pro tips would be really great. The whole process is going to be very smooth and easy if you do It right. Nothing can match the level of fresh-out-of-the-oven or air fryer biscuits. But trying to match this level would be great.

Significant benefits of reheating biscuits in the air fryer

There is a long list of benefits you can get while reheating your biscuits in the air fryer. Trying to match the level of fresh ones is not impossible. Moreover, significant tips will help you achieve the perfect flavor like shortbread biscuits.

Time Efficient Method

Using the air fryer method to reheat your meals is a great decision to save your cooking time. Quick cooking and reheating are everyone’s priorities. Turning cold meals into hot ones by air frying is very therapeutic. Use of air fryer on the whole I time saving. You can get quick meals as delicious snack crispy crowns with this appliance.

Uniform heating of Biscuits

When heating food in the air fryer, a uniform heat is transmitted throughout all the meals. Hot air circulation is the reason for heat production in the air fryer. This method is completely different from the conventional method, like the oven and stove heating. Uneven edges and the uncooked center are not a thing anymore. The use of an air fryer usually eliminates these elements from your meals. Heating is a sensitive step you can’t keep air fryer preheating for long time. Extensive heating can be a cause of air fryer explosion.

Crispy and Tender Biscuits

When it gets an even heat, the food reaches the perfect edges with a good percentage of crispiness as Sweet Potato Fries. On the other hand, the inner of the meals are tender and juicy enough. When reheat in the air fryer, the crispy biscuit becomes even more fresh and tender.

Good Texture of the Biscuit

They reheat and never disturb the texture of the food, especially the snack like biscuits. They have a smooth, fluffy texture from the outside. So even after reheating, the texture of these biscuits remains the same. This retaining of good texture is a plus point in favor of reheating.


Significant Steps in the Process of Reheating the Air Fryer

Follow the process step by step to reheat the biscuit in the air fryer. The significant things are Preparing the appliance and performing the two main functions.

Preheating the air fryer before reheating

First, preheat your air fryer by setting a suitable time and temperature. Preheating is necessary to give uniform heat to your biscuits inside the air fryer.

Preparing the biscuits for reheating

For preheating, put all the cold biscuits on a plate. You can also use a dish for this purpose. If the biscuits are too big, Then you should cut them in half.

Glazing the biscuits with oil or butter

Then, brush some oil or butter on the biscuits on the plate or use oil spray. This will help to get the beautiful golden brown color of the biscuits. The crispy finish is because of the use of butter as butter milk biscuits .

Putting in the air fryer basket

Put the glazed biscuits in the air fryer baskets. The air fryer is already preheated. So,  turn off the lid. Do not overcrowd the air fryer basket. And your basket should be clean, eliminate all smells before placing biscuits in it.

Actual reheating  of the biscuits

Push the start button and let the biscuits reheat for some time. A timer of only 3-4 minutes is suitable for your yummy biscuits. Do not overbrown the biscuits while reheating. Using tongs to check if the biscuits are done would be a good idea, use temperature control air fryers for this purpose. The golden brown color on the outside is a sign that the biscuits are cooking.

Serving the reheated biscuits in an air fryer

After air cooling the hot biscuits, you can serve these crispy ones with tea or any drink you like. If you like to coat these with cream, you can do so. Serving these biscuits most elegantly would be great for making your recipe successful.

Flavored biscuits

Suggestions Related to the Proper Serving of the Reheated Air Fryer Biscuits

Following professional suggestions while using appliances like air fryer is helpful. Many different air fryer experts guide beginners to handle it with care and attention.

Taking Care of the Temperature

Keep in mind the temperature for the preheating of the air fryer. Overheating will cause a burning flavor in your biscuits. Reheating is just a matter of a few minutes, and you should take it easy. It is not an actual task at all.

Adopting the use of Parchment Paper to Reheat Biscuits in Air Fryer

Using parchment paper while cooking and reheating in the air fryer is very helpful. The primary function of the parchment paper is to prevent the sticking of the food to the air fryer basket. This can cause a smell and sour flavor. Moreover, the parchment paper keeps the food together and never lets it dry out. Parchment paper is the best kitchen purchase that you can make.

Considering the type and Flavors of the Biscuits

Before reheating or handling the biscuits, you should check their type. Experimenting with new and different flavours is always my priority. This helps in making variations in the serving. You can add odd variations to your biscuits, like herbs, cheese and sea salt. This is a way of getting creative in your kitchen space.

Moreover, the reheating time depends upon the type of biscuits you are using. The time and temperature vary slightly for every type. You can buy any flavor of these biscuits from your nearest markets and marts. Keeping such kind of biscuits in the freezer is also a good idea. You can have them easily by reheating them in the air fryer whenever you crave them. This is because satisfaction of the craving is the biggest priority for all the foodies.

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Is it okay to reheat a biscuit in an air fryer with a filling inside?

Biscuits with filling inside can easily be reheated inside the air fryer. The filling could be anything like cheese, ham or even cream. But keep the temperature moderate in the case of cream so it won’t melt out of the biscuit.

What is the exact time and temperature for reheating biscuits in an air fryer?

Reheating biscuits in the air fryer takes only 3-4 minutes. Do not exceed this time limit. Then, talking about temperature, you should set a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an exact suitable temperature for the perfect result of hot biscuits.

Is the flipping of biscuits necessary while reheating?

While reheating, the flipping is optional. But please do so. This helps a thorough and even reheating of the biscuits in the air fryer.


Biscuit lovers find it therapeutic to reheat their favorite biscuits in their air fryer. Reheating biscuits in the air fryer is as easy as reheating your snacks. You must put them in the air fryer basket and remove them when they get a pretty color. Having the crispy exterior of the biscuits with the most tender interior is such a great snack. You can have them at any part of the day. But serving such crispy biscuits along with evening tea has some next-level satisfaction. My family’s ritual is to share such biscuits every evening with tea and other snacks. No one can deny that no snack can match the crispiness of the air fryer biscuits.

You can try out your creative skills in your kitchen with such recipes. Adding flavors of your type and getting your favorite texture of the biscuits are significant initiatives. Every single child at your home should be a fan of these crispy, crunchy biscuits. Reheating was considered very difficult earlier. But nowadays, there are no traditional and older ways of reheating. You will never return to these older versions after trying out the air fryer hacks to reheat the biscuits. 

Reheating Biscuits in Air Fryer

Reheating Biscuits in Air Fryer

Marco Bianchi
Using an air fryer to reheat biscuits is a great way to bring back their warm, crispy texture without drying them out. This method ensures that your biscuits are heated evenly and maintain their delicious taste. Whether you have leftover biscuits from breakfast or want to enjoy them as a snack, the air fryer is a quick and efficient option.
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 6 minutes
Course Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People


  • Leftover biscuits


Step-by-Step Instructions:

    Preheat the Air Fryer:

    • Preheat your air fryer to 350°F (175°C) for 3 minutes. If your air fryer does not require preheating, you can skip this step.

    Prepare the Biscuits:

    • Take the leftover biscuits out of the refrigerator or storage container. They can be cold or at room temperature.

    Arrange in Air Fryer Basket:

    • Place the biscuits in the air fryer basket in a single layer. Avoid overcrowding to allow air to circulate around each biscuit.

    Reheat in Air Fryer:

    • Air fry the biscuits at 350°F (175°C) for 3-5 minutes.
    • Check the biscuits halfway through the cooking time. If they are browning too quickly on the top, you can flip them over for even heating.

    Check for Warmth:

    • After the cooking time is complete, check the biscuits for warmth. They should be heated through and feel warm to the touch.


    • Once the biscuits are warmed to your liking, remove them from the air fryer basket.
    • Serve immediately while they are warm and crispy.


    • These reheated biscuits are ready to be enjoyed as a side dish or snack.
    • Serve them with butter, jam, honey, or any of your favorite toppings.



    • For extra crispy biscuits, you can lightly brush them with melted butter before placing them in the air fryer.
    • If you prefer a softer texture, you can wrap the biscuits in aluminum foil before reheating in the air fryer.
    • Monitor the biscuits closely during the last few minutes of cooking to prevent them from overcooking.
    Reheating biscuits in the air fryer is quick and convenient, ensuring they are warm and crispy just like freshly baked ones. Enjoy these delicious biscuits as a side with breakfast, as a snack, or alongside your favorite meal.
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