Making Crispy Delights like Frozen Hush Puppies in the Air Fryer

Transforming the Frozen hush puppies to the crispy snacks in the air fryer is an aesthetic recipe like Frozen fish and Frozen egg rolls . Seeking help from the expert tips would be great for you in this manner. The magic of air frying converts these frozen treats into crispy golden shrimp snacks. These snacks look so appetizing that you can’t resist having more and more. The tender inside of the hush puppies with the perfect level of crunch on the outside as Ellio’s Pizza , is the most adorable appetizer. You can serve this appetizer on a movie night with a friend or along with your evening tea like to shortbread biscuits. The leftovers that you keep in the fridge are worth keeping. When you reheat and indulge in these leftovers at the time of craving, the satisfaction goes to another level.

The frozen hush puppies own a very simple recipe to get ready in the air fryer. Dipping sauces that you serve with the crispy hush puppies elaborate the flavor and enhance the fun. Hence making it a crispy crown dish. These dipping sauces do include tomato ketchup, garlic chili sauce, garlic mayo or a simple mayo. All of these are the most adorable and flavorful dipping sauces. If you like to make this spicier, then you can use the hot chili sauce as crunchy French fries .

Ingredients for Making Frozen Hush Puppies in the Air Fryer

The list of the ingredients for making the frozen hush puppies in the air fryer is very small. You have to buy the frozen packet of hush puppies from the nearest store. Buy it from the company with the best flavor of all. Good company products taste better and last longer. You can get the great value traditional frozen hush puppies if available in the nearest store. Along with the frozen Hush Puppies, buy the dipping sauce you are going to serve. So the list of ingredients includes only these two:

  • 1 Packet of Frozen Hush Puppies of your favorite company
  • Dipping sauce for serving your hush puppies

Step-by-Step Process of Making the Frozen Hush Puppies in air fryer

Following a step-by-step guide to making frozen hush puppies in the air fryer is very helpful. You can make them by following a few simple steps. Preheating the air fryer, and setting the time and temperature are the basic steps. The rest of the process is much easier.

Setting the Air Fryer Temperature

First of all, use the control panel of the air fryer to set the suitable temperature. The temperature for making the frozen hush puppies will be 400 degrees. This is a very suitable temperature for making the hush puppies according to your requirements. The development of flavor and texture depends upon a suitable temperature. Cooking time also depends upon the type of air fryer you are using. The air fryers like a power XL air fryer or a Ninja air fryer all have different settings. Moreover, others like the chefman turbo-fry air fryer or Pink air fryer have their settings of the control panels. For any type of air fryer you are using, read the manual and set the temperature accordingly.

Preparing the Air Fryer Basket

In the next step, line the air fryer basket with the parchment paper. Use a cooking spray to grease the basket first. This will prevent the sticking of any sort of food particle to the bottom of the basket. But if you do not have a cooking spray, use a parchment paper with slight holes in it. Make a single layer of the frozen hush puppies in the air fryer. Keep spaces between them so that they do not touch each other. As a result, the hot air will pass through them uniformly. Even cooking the hush puppies is necessary, so that they will look enchanting when you serve them. The texture and color of all the treats should be the same like Jalapeno poppers . The platter looks more cool in this way of cooking and serving. If hush puppies do not fit all at once, then make batches and cook in more than one batch.

Turning the Air Fryer on and Preheating

After filling the air fryer basket, switch it on and preheat it for a few minutes. Then set the cooking time for 7-10 minutes at a temperature of 400 degrees. While cooking the hush puppies, you should keep an eye on them so that there will not be a chance of burning or sticking. Flipping the hush puppies in between would be a great idea for an even cooking. Once the hush puppies get golden brown, then you can turn the air fryer off. Open the lid and get the hush puppies out on the serving plate. The aroma that comes from the hush puppies is very similar to dishes like Tuna patties or chicken tenders.

Hush puppies in air fryer

Serving the Hush Puppies

The crispy hush puppies with the softer inside look super appealing as chicken sausage. One cannot stop himself from taking more and more. But when you serve these by pairing them up with the dipping sauces, the flavor gets two times more delicious. Making the Dijon mustard a part of your serving is always a great idea.

Seasoning Options to Enhance the Flavor of Frozen Hush Puppies

There exist a number of different seasonings that you can sprinkle on the frozen hush puppies. These seasonings will spice these up and give a fresh flavor to them. The seasonings include onion powder and garlic powder. Moreover, the Cajun seasoning is such a great addition to all the dishes you make in the air fryer. You can even sprinkle your favorite herbs on your hush puppies for an amazing result.

Making the Hush Puppies from Scratch

Whenever you are going to make hush puppies at home, you can add additional flavors to them. The addition of jalapenos or green onions to the wet better of hush puppies gives a pleasant flavor. Sprinkling cayenne pepper on the top before serving should also be a preference. Baking of the hush puppies was an earlier tradition. But using the air fryer for making either the fresh or frozen hush puppies results in a smooth and quick process. White cornmeal, wheat flour and soybean oil are the major ingredients. The other spices are the usual spices like the onion powder and garlic powder. The same seasoning is used for making the cubed potatoes and stuffed chicken breasts. These are the common seasonings and you can also customize by adding some of your choice. Drizzling the mustard sauce at the top of your hush puppies will make the serving more appealing and delicious. 

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Is the defrosting necessary for cooking the hush puppies in the air fryer?

Defrosting is not an essential part of cooking these hush puppies in the air fryer. But if you do so, then it will be great. The hush puppies get more tender from the inside and crispy from the outside as chicken thighs when you defrost them. If you want even cooking then you should prefer defrosting. But in case you are skipping it, then adjust the time and temperature accordingly.

How to store the leftover cooked frozen hush puppies?

You can store the cooked hush puppies in the freezer by keeping them in air-tight containers. But for this purpose, let them cool properly. Then close them in the air-tight storage boxes. Put it in the freezer. You can reheat the cooked hush puppies in the air fryer whenever you want.

How to reheat the frozen hush puppies in the air fry?

Reheating is not difficult at all. You just preheat the air fryer for 3-4 minutes and then put the already cooked hush puppies in it. Continue heating for a few minutes and you are good to go.

Bottom  Line

Sprinkling the cayenne pepper on the top of hush puppies before serving is an even better idea. Making frozen hush puppies in the air fryer is a recent trend. People were used to making such kinds of dishes like sweet potato chips, waffles or patties all in the oven. Deep frying or pan frying is an even older tradition of preparing such dishes. The air fryer method replaces all of these older methods and has made life quicker and easier. You can also some air fryer fries along with your hush puppies. Making the hush puppies from scratch in the air fryer is also an easy process.

With just a minimal effort you can enjoy such delicious snacks or side dishes. The only rule for cooking well is to put your heart in the process. Once you do it with all your heart, your creations are going to be finger-licking delicious for sure. The way you serve your snack or side dish is very important. Try to make it attractive and decent so that everyone can have more and more. You will make these hush puppies again and again, only if you have a smooth and successful first experience. 

Frozen Hush Puppies in the Air Fryer

Frozen Hush Puppies in the Air Fryer

Marco Bianchi
Frozen hush puppies in the air fryer are a quick and convenient way to enjoy this classic Southern side dish. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these hush puppies are perfect for pairing with fried fish, seafood dishes, or as a delicious snack on their own. With the air fryer, you'll achieve a golden brown crust without the need for deep frying. Follow this simple recipe to enjoy tasty hush puppies straight from the air fryer.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Course Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine Southern
Servings 4 People


  • 1 lb frozen hush puppies
  • Cooking spray or oil optional


Step-by-Step Instructions:

    Preheat the Air Fryer:

    • Preheat your air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for 3-5 minutes.

    Arrange the Hush Puppies:

    • Place the frozen hush puppies in a single layer in the air fryer basket. You can lightly spray them with cooking spray or brush with oil for extra crispiness, though this step is optional.

    Air Fry:

    • Air fry the hush puppies at 400°F (200°C) for 10 minutes. Halfway through the cooking time, shake the basket or use tongs to flip the hush puppies for even cooking.

    Check for Doneness:

    • After 10 minutes, check the hush puppies. They should be golden brown and crispy on the outside, with a tender inside.


    • Once done, remove the hush puppies from the air fryer basket.
    • Serve hot as a side dish or snack.



    • Cooking Spray: Using cooking spray helps to achieve a crispy exterior, but it's optional.
    • Batch Size: Depending on the size of your air fryer basket, you may need to cook the hush puppies in batches to avoid overcrowding.
    • Variations: Feel free to season the hush puppies with a sprinkle of garlic powder, onion powder, or cayenne pepper before air frying for added flavor.
    • Serving Suggestions: Serve these hush puppies alongside fried fish, shrimp, or with a dipping sauce like tartar sauce or honey mustard.

    Enjoy your crispy hush puppies!

    Air Fryer Frozen Hush Puppies are a quick and easy side dish or snack that's full of Southern flavor. With the convenience of the air fryer, you'll have crispy, golden-brown hush puppies in no time. Enjoy these delicious bites on their own or as a complement to your favorite seafood dishes!
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