Why the Air Fryer Not Working? Have a look at issues and their solutions.

Are you worried about the working of the air fryer? This true air fryer is an important part of our kitchen to make healthier foods. In this modern era, you can get maximum benefit from an air fryer.

This machine is not common in every kitchen, but its beneficial features make this gadget compulsory. 

This is an excellent kitchen tool for preparing meals Spaghetti Squash PastaSandwiches fast and easily  is an air fryer. However, air fryers occasionally lose their appropriate functionality. There are a few things you can try to do to fix the issue if your air fryer has stopped operating.

 If you want to get the answer to why my air fryer is not working, then you are at the right place.

Whatever the situation, you require solutions to resume cooking mouthwatering meals as Grossing Sirloin Tips and Breakfast Frittata in it. Checking each potential problem in the proper order is the best action in this situation.

A Guide to Air Fryers

Air fryers are growing in popularity these days. They are working with the circulation of hot air. In this device, you don’t need oil like traditional deep fryers to cook your delicious food Toasting Bagel.

Different sizes and styles of air fryers are available in the online and offline markets. Every model or type has its own features. They can boil, bake or fry the yummy Frozen Crispy Hash Brown Patties things for you.

The majority of air fryers have a drawer you can pull out to check on the food and a basket you can use to place food in. The food cooked rapidly and evenly by the air fryer’s fan as it moves hot air around the food.

Every type of air fryer has a safety reset button to avoid any loss. 

So never hesitate to press the safety buttons to protect your device from breakage.

Normally people ask for the solution to whether the gourmia air fryer stopped working or the power xl air fryer stopped working.

Issues of Different Types of Air Fryers & Solutions 

An air fryer is not plugged properly.

Although it may seem silly, the plug is not properly connected to the socket. This is a simple issue people normally discuss with support. Unplug the cable and re-plug it to check whether the device is working or not.

Then check the plug and connection properly

The socket is broken and not functioning. 

The outlet to which your air fryer is connected can be broken and inoperable. If you find the socket damaged, don’t waste your precious time and connect with the other socket. To check if the socket has some issue, you need to connect to any other device.  

If you don’t have the mood to change the place of your Air fryer, call an electrician and fix your socket issue or replace a new one.

The Air Fryer’s Cable Is Damaged 

The cable wire of the air fryer may not be functioning properly. It may be on transfer time. It stretched or squashed. In this way, the cable can’t deliver better power to the device. In this situation, you can take advice from a professional technician, who will suggest to you what this cable requires repairing or installation of a new one.

The cable’s fuse has blown.

It’s possible that the power cord’s fuse has blown if your cable is OK and doesn’t appear to be damaged. 

You must change the fuse in these situations. Some models already have a fuse, while others don’t allow you to replace the fuse. 

Your particular model will determine the remedy, and therefore, if you’re not a licensed electrician, I’d advise leaving it in the hands of the experts.

A new fuse must be installed after checking to see if the fuse has blown and opening the plug.

The air fryer touch screen is not working.

In this modern age touch screens are the most convenient way to operate any digital device. When you find any issue in the touch system of the air fryer, then make sure you don’t have any obstacles like clothes or gloves, etc.

The air fryer fan is not working.

One of the most important components of an air fryer is the fan. It guarantees efficient heat circulation, which speeds up food preparation and assures reliable results. When an air fryer fan fails to function, the equipment won’t operate as intended, which can be annoying.  

If your air fryer is not working it may be have some technical issue so keep checking.

Technical/Production Error

You need the manufacturer’s service if you have tested all the prior things mentioned above and the zero option has worked. In this situation, you need to connect with the manufacturer. You don’t need to do any experiments because it can be risky for your device. If you do some experiments, then the company 


Your air fryer may be malfunctioning due to a number of various factors. Many air fryer models come with a guarantee when you buy one, which might help with any problems you might encounter.

  • If you get in touch with customer support, they can assist you in getting replacement parts or even replacing your entire machine!
  • Following a tutorial on YouTube or consulting a friend are some of the initial ways you could try to resolve this, but periodically you need to test things out on your own.

Scan the heating & Electric source of the air fryer.

Check the power cable and heating element as soon as possible if your air fryer has stopped functioning. 

Like with other electronic devices, if the power cable has any issues, it could be a big problem. Check to see if it helps to try this initial step.

Test the start and power buttons on the air fryer.

The power button will then ought to be tested. The absence of the start and power buttons on the air fryer could be an indication of a more serious issue.

Evaluate the temperature and cooking time of the air fryer.

It may indicate an issue with the air fryer’s control panel if the cooking time and temperature are not functioning. Whether your air fryer has a reset button, try pressing it to see whether that fixes the issue or not.

Verify the safety features of the air fryer.

First, confirm the drawer is totally closed before you start the cookery process. Closed drawers depict the safety mechanism working properly. If it is not closed properly, then there seems to be some issue in the device, or maybe this can cause poor temperature control.

Properly Check the Air fryer power outlet.

If the power outlet of this device is not working properly, then conclude this is a reason why the air fryer is not functioning properly. You can try another way to plug your device into any other power outlet and check it.

Note: If you want to avoid any type of short circuit, choose a wall socket as compared to an extension cord

Verify the warranty duration for the air fryer.

If the manufacturer’s guarantee still covers it, it might be better to take the air fryer to a repair shop now. Before attempting to repair the issue on your own, it is wise to verify the warranty, as many air fryer issues managed by this.

Verify the electrical connection for the air fryer.

The air fryer may not hooked into a functional electrical outlet, which could be the cause of its malfunction. See whether the issue is fixed by plugging the air fryer into a separate power source.

Additionally, make sure the air fryer’s power plug and cables are in good shape.

Verify the fuse for the air fryer.

It’s possible that the air fryer’s fuse blew, which would be the reason for the issue. The automatic safety switch might prevent the power supply from turning on. So check the device functionality by adding some new fuse.

Things to Remember About Your Air Fryer

If you want to ensure the proper functionality of the air fryer, then some important things you must consider.

Do follow important instructions

If you are a new user of the air fryer, then you must read some instructions given in the description about the working and functionality of the device. These approaches will enable you to comprehend the accurate and right use of this machine. Also, you will learn how to diagnose the issue and troubleshoot the problem.

If you find the air fryer stopped working, then first read all the instructions and follow the guidelines to resolve the issues.

Always keep the air fryer clean.

If you want to get maximum efficiency from the air fryer, you need to keep it clean and away from the dirt. The must-do activity is to wipe out the interior and exterior with a towel. The towel is a soft fabric to clean this gadget without any damage. A clean filter is helpful for better performance of the gadget.

Keep one thing in your mind : clean appliances always provide better results and efficiency in functionality. Sometimes solid remnants can cause lousy smoke.

Do not overfill the air fryer.

There is no permission of overfilling a basket when you use an air fryer. This can disturb the cooking process. In this activity, the fire hazard is a big issue because over-fill baskets can catch fire.

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Final Thoughts 

I hope now you have a solution to your problems related to air fryers. If your air fryer stopped working while cooking, then try above mentioned things first. If you find solution then OK otherwise, connect with the technicians.


Why is my air fryer not turning on at all?

Check if the air fryer  properly plugged into a working outlet. Make sure the power cord securely connected to both the air fryer and the power source.

My air fryer is plugged in, but the display is not lighting up. What should I do?

Check if there is a power outage in your area. If not, try plugging the air fryer into a different outlet to ensure the outlet is not the issue. If the problem persists, there might be an electrical fault in the air fryer that requires professional attention.

Why is my air fryer making strange noises during operation?

Some noise during operation is normal, especially with certain models USA made air fryers. However, loud or unusual noises could indicate a problem with the fan or other internal components. Contact customer support for assistance.


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