Delicious and juicy Air Fryer Grill Sandwiches

Air Fryer Sandwiches can be made with multiple stuffing and you can choose your favorite among all. Beef sandwiches and cheese sandwiches are the most followed recipes for making these sandwiches in the air fryer. Other air fryer recipes that you can make with cheese include cheese chips and cheese quesadillas in the air fryer. You can make grilled cheese sandwiches most simply in an air fryer. All you require are a few bread slices and some sort of delicious butter and cheese slices to stuff the bread. You can pair the cheese sandwiches well with dishes like New York steak, Salmon or beef short ribs. These servings are a suggestion for dinners. But for breakfast, you should serve the sandwich with a bowl of salad or a bunch of freshly sliced fruits.

One of the major reasons everyone loves the air fryer sandwiches is the crispy brown color with the grill marks on the outside. While on the other hand, every single bite is juicy and cheese from the inside. This diet is a low-calorie diet to kick-start your perfect day. Using a sandwich maker for the sandwiches is a traditional idea. You can replace it with the air fryer cooking as it adds a grilling touch to your snack. Rather than getting separate appliances for each of your cooking purposes like a sandwich maker, toaster, oven etc. you can have an all-in-one air fryer. The choice of company life Chefman, Turbo, Ninja or Gourmia air fryer depends upon your preference.

Ingredients for Making Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Making air fryer sandwiches is the simplest of all the recipes. You can just grill the bread slices, stuff them with cheese and air fryer for a few minutes. The cheese pulls in every bite of the sandwich like the pizza roll-ups melt your heart.  You need only a few ingredients that are usually present in everyone’s kitchen to carry out this specific recipe.


First of all, you require butter to get the perfect color of your sandwich. Brush the melted butter on the bread slices and they will air fry to a golden color just like the hash browns and crispy crowns.


The second ingredient is the type of meat that you want in your cheese sandwich. You can add Bacon, minced beef or chicken whatever you like in your morning meals. Try to go for the healthier options. My personal preference is the use of bacon. To make a perfectly succulent sandwich, all you need is rich and salty meat like bacon.

Mustard Sauceor Mayo

Along with the cheese, you must add the mustard sauce to your sandwich for perfect touch and color. Combining it with mayo or skipping the mayo part depends upon your personal choice. In my opinion, a sandwich is incomplete without mayo as it gives a rich tangy flavor to your bread.

Cheese Slices

Using cheese slices in the bread sandwiches is a convenient option. But if you like to mix two flavors you can go for the cheddar and Swiss cheese that blends to give heavenly flavor.

Vegetables including Onions and Tomatoes

To add crunch and healthy nutrients to your sandwich, add the vegetables. The most basic vegetables that you can use are thinly sliced onions and tomatoes. But you can also add bell peppers if you like a little bit of spicy touch to your sandwich.

Sourdough or Brown Bread

Using sourdough for making the air fryer sandwiches is a better decision as it does not break up easily and has a thick crust. Other option includes regular bread or brown bread if you are a fitness freak.

sandwich in air fryer

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Instructions to Make the Perfect Air Fryer Sandwich

Follow a few simple instructions to make the perfect air fryer sandwich. As you always have to be careful while using the appliances like an air fryer, following professional advice would be helpful.

Doing the Prep Work

Prepare the bread in the first step. Coat the bread slices with the butter from both sides. Then spread mayo on the bread. Make a thin layer of mayo. Set the air fryer for preheating at a suitable temperature of 375 Degrees Fahrenheit.  

Stuffing the Sandwiches

The next step is to stuff your bread slices and assemble the rest of your sandwich. Spread the mustard on the top of the mayo layer. Then put the cheese slices. Once done, proceed towards the vegetables.

Put the onion and tomatoes and then in the end add bacon to your bread. In the end, top the stuffed bread slice with the other slice. Brush butter on the top slices as well.

Air Frying the Cheese Sandwiches

Put the stuffed sandwich in the air fryer. Cooking time is 2-3 minutes until the cheese melt and the color of the bread gets golden. You can cook two sandwiches in one batch. Moreover, flip the sandwich in between cooking. This is because you have to cook evenly from both sides. Air fryer times vary and therefore, you have to be careful while setting the time and temperature.

Serving the Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Serve your perfect air-fried cheese sandwiches while hot. Put the sandwiches on the serving platter and pair them up with the perfect vegetable salad. You can also serve fresh fruit salad with your sandwiches.

Storing and Reheating the Air Fryer Sandwiches

Store your grilled cheese sandwich carefully in the refrigerator. First of all, let the sandwich air cool for some time. Then, put the leftover sandwich in the plastic air-tight containers. This helps to lock in the moisture and prevent the outer air from spoiling your food. You can keep these sandwiches fresh for 1-2 days only in the refrigerator. Then they will get soggy and will not be worth eating.

For reheating purposes, set the temperature at 350 degrees. Then put the sandwiches in the air fryer for 4-5 minutes. This time period is enough to make the cheese edible again.

Making Variations in the Air Fryer Sandwich Recipe

You can make clear variations in your sandwich recipe. If you do not like the mustard sauce, you can skip it. Some people do like garlic sauce with everything, so you can use it in your sandwich. The recipe is completely adjustable similar to the recipes like the cheese sticks, onion rings or tacos. All these recipes can be adjusted depending on one flavor.

Other variations include replacing the bacon with beef or adding vegetables of your own choice. You can replace the flavor of cheese like Jack cheese, mozzarella cheese or whatever you like other than Swiss and Cheddar.

Professional Tips for Air Fryer Sandwiches

  • Try to cook the sandwich for a few minutes only so that you do not burn it. Do not wrap them in foil as they will not get proper heat in this way.
  • Adding avocado slices adds both nutrients and flavor to your sandwich.
  • If you are using the softer bread, reduce the cooking time accordingly.
  • Make sure to clean the air fryer after making cheese sandwiches to avoid air fryer smells.
  • Make sure there is the proper power supply to the air fryer and no defect in the heating element to avoid air fryer explosions.

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Is it necessary to flip the sandwiches while air frying?

As we always want to cook the food evenly from both sides, therefore flipping is necessary. Even brown color on all sides makes a good serving. Moreover, we have to make sure that food does not remain uncooked from the other side. So, flipping is a good option.

How to get the more crispy sandwiches in the air fryer?

To get more crispy sandwiches, make sure to preheat the air fryer to enough time and temperature. Secondly, coating butter or oil on the top adds up to your food. On a side note, make sure the heat reaches all sides of your bread. Therefore, avoid stacking up the sandwiches. Cook the sandwiches in a single layer just like burgers and burritos

Why do my top bread slices fly off during air frying?

Due to the flow of hot air, sometimes, the top bread slice flies off and does not remain in its place. As a result, there can be a mess inside your air fryer. For this purpose, you can insert a toothpick in the bread to keep the sandwich together while cooking.

Final Thoughts

Making the air fryer sandwiches is a therapy as the recipe is quick and convenient. If you prefer other stuffing, you can add potato puffs to your bread. This makes a delicious and healthy meal all at once. The fully melted cheese in the sandwiches is to die for. The cheese pulls in every bite of the sandwich making it more appealing. Popping in a few potato fries is also a great idea to add flavor to your sandwiches. For an even more crispy texture and having crunch in every single bite, you can stuff the cheese crisps in your sandwiches. This is an actual blessing in disguise if you are a crunch lover. 


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