Making a Flavorful Feast Frozen Fish Air Fryer

Making a quick dish straight out of the freezer can sometimes take effort. But if you are a pro air fryer user, you can easily make the delicious frozen fish air fryer. The making of frozen fish is very similar to other frozen food recipes like frozen potatoes, frozen hash browns, frozen Bibigo dumplings, frozen hush puppies and many more. All these frozen snacks get ready in a few minutes if you do it right. Using the air fryer has made the kitchen and cooking life much easier. Seafood lovers are usually in love with fish fillets. When you make these fish fillets in the air fryer, they get a perfect crispy texture on the skin while soft, fleshy and juicy from the inside.

Making the air fryer fish is very nutritious as it contains no oils and extra fats. Cooking the fish in the air fryer is an oil-free method; therefore, it retains all the essential nutrients. Fish is a very healthy diet, especially in Winter. You can also air fryer the fresh fish fillets, but cooking the frozen ones is a less messy and smell-free method. I prefer using Chefman and Ninja air fryer to make this frozen fish, but you can go for the one you own. The recipe varies in time and temperature as these factors depend upon the type of air fryer you are using.

Reasons for Preferring the Frozen Fish Air Fryer

There are several reasons to prefer the air fryer method other than grilling and deep frying your air fryer fish. You can ponder upon them one by one to understand the reasons properly. Moreover, using the air fryer makes cooking more accessible and more convenient. The air fryer fish is more delicious and crispy as well.

Straight From the Freezer Recipe

You should prefer following this recipe because you have to do nothing other than just put the fish in the air fryer. The fish is already marinated, and all the flavors are added. You must bring it out directly from the freezer and cook it in the air fryer basket. There are no steps of marination, thawing, etc.

Easy to Follow

Whenever you have a short time to make something quick, especially in Winter, you can bring the fish out of the freezer and prepare it to have a brief but healthy and filling meal. Other more rapid recipes include frozen burgers, cheese sticks, and burritos.

Healthy Recipe

This recipe for making frozen fish is a very healthy way of doing it. The oil-free method and no thawing retain all the nutrients inside your meal. The air fryer fish contains nutrients and minerals essential for your body.

Quick Results

When you use an air fryer, the recipe gets very quick. Only a few minutes of air frying will provide the perfectly crispy fish fillets. Avoiding overcrowding and letting the hot air flow smoothly will be helpful for better and quicker results.

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Frozen air fryer fish

Ingredients Required for Making the Frozen Fish Air Fryer

The few ingredients for cooking the ready-made, previously marinated frozen fish are available in your kitchen. You can add additional spices on the top if you like.

Fish Fillets

Bring two frozen fish fillets of suitable size if you are only making a meal for one. These would be enough for one person. You can use any fish that you like. The most common fish types people prefer to make in the air fryer include rockfish and trout. Others include cod, halibut, etc.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You require at least one tablespoon of extra olive oil or air fryer oil spray for a bit of greasing. For healthy oil options, extra virgin olive oil is the one. You must use it to brush it on the skin of the fish fillets. Moreover, if you want to avoid oil, use a cooking spray for greasing.

Seasoning and Spices

The seasonings for the fish include the red pepper flakes and the minced garlic. Rub the minced garlic on the skin of the fish. This step is followed by sprinkling onion powder on the sides of the fish. Finally, bring half the lemon and squeeze it all over the fish fillets.

Method of Making the Delicious Frozen Fish Air Fryer

The air frying process takes only a few steps to prepare the fish. Less time consumption is involved in this process. All you have to do is follow two to three simple steps to cook the marinated frozen fish.

Essential Air Fryer Preheating

Preheat the air fryer for a few minutes at a suitable temperature before cooking your fish in the air fryer. The preheating temperature should be 390 degrees. This is a very suitable temperature for making frozen fish.

Coating the Fish with Additional Spices

Add the lemon juice to a small mixing bowl to mix the seasonings. Then add olive oil to it. The addition of the minced garlic, chili flakes, and onion powder follows it. Once the mixture is ready, coat the fish with the garlic oil from both sides. You can use a brush for this coating. Otherwise, dip the fish in the mixture.

Air Frying the Fish Fillet

Put the fish fillet in the air fryer and then set the timer and temperature for its cooking. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare the fish at a temperature of 140 degrees. After half the time, use tongs to flip the fish to be evenly cooked from both sides.

Serving the Cooked Frozen Fish

Serve the frozen fish on your platter along with the salad. Serve the garlic oil and other dip sauces, including garlic and mayo dip. Garlic dips taste perfect with sandwiches and Bison burgers. 

Storage and Reheating Methods of the Cooked Frozen Fish

Storing the cooked fish does not include hard and fast rules. All you have to do is put the cooked fish in the air-tight boxes and put them in the refrigerator. The fish will stay suitable for up to two days. This is the simplest way of storing your cooked meals. You can keep other snacks like the salmon, chicken steak and even the pork tenderloins in the same way.

For reheating purposes, you have to preheat the air fryer and then put the cooked fish in the air fryer basket after greasing. Brush some oil on the surface of the fish or use a cooking spray on the air fryer basket. This helps to prevent food particles from sticking to the basket. Moreover, it also helps to avoid the burning of food.

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What should be served along with the air-fried frozen fish?

You can serve the cooked frozen fish and salads like a Lebanese Tabouli Salad. Moreover, you can serve appetizers along with your fish. These appetizers include Hasselback potatoes, Sweet potato fries, Crispy crowns and even crispy rice for a perfect flavor. Side dishes include the dips like a cheese quesadilla or a drink with your fish.

Why is it necessary to flip the fish while cooking?

Not only fish, but it is always necessary to flip your snack or shake the air fryer basket to let the hot air flow. This helps to cook the food evenly from all sides, and as a result, the food, like fish, will have a uniform texture on all sides. If you do not flip, the fish will remain uncooked from the other side.

Do we need to thaw the fish before cooking?

Thawing the fish before cooking is unnecessary when you cook it in the air fryer. It will be cooked thoroughly inside the air fryer in a very short time. But flipping is necessary to defrost and cook it evenly till the core.


Air Fryer seafood recipes like the frozen fish air fryer are the most satisfying. As a seafood lover, I love trying new recipes in my kitchen. The most simple seafood that you can make as a quick meal is frozen fish. These fish fillets are nutritious and can fill your stomach in one meal. Serving the onion rings alongside or as a fish topping is a great idea. It makes the dish more appealing. Cooking the frozen fish instead of thawing it is preferred because it turns out juicier and soft inside. But it has crispy edges and fully cooked skin from the outside.

Use your air fryer like a pro to make fantastic snacks at any time of the day. Whenever you carve for snacks, a main course meal, or healthy foods like fish, turn your air fryer on and make whatever you want. The Gourmia air fryer and even the Turbo air fryer will never disappoint you if you use them to get instant snacks anytime. Try out the frozen fish recipe, and let me know what your first experience was. I am sure you will love it, and you will try it out again and again. 

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