Air fryer turned off and won’t turn on

The primary function of the Air fryers is to facilitate the cooking in the kitchen. These are more quick with instant results than usual. Putting the food in and getting it cooked quickly leaves you in awe. Even if you are a horrible cook, you will improve with time and practice. It is only possible with the help of a functioning. You get to know more about how to use a particular appliance.

Most of the time, the electrical appliances take a lot of work. Situations get complicated, but gaining more knowledge from the experience is the basics of life. After a few tries, you will be an experienced cook. The air fryer turned off and not turning on is a severe problem. It would help if you looked after it. Don’t get upset if your air fryer is not working, just get through the following tricks.

It would help if you use it more often to be a more confident user. Take care of your appliance as it is your duty. Spending much money on electrical appliances and not maintaining them is an excellent loser. Avoid being careless towards your appliance. They can cause errors at some points, and you must take care of that. Like all other appliances, you can face minor problems related to your fryer. There is no need to panic in such cases. You can fix it either at home or by calling an expert.

Solutions For the Air Fryer when it turned off and Won’t Turn On

You need to troubleshoot the issues that the air fryer is going through. Firstly, please search for the reason behind the glitching of the it and then get your hands tight on it to resolve your appliance’s issue. Go through these steps individually to let function properly, as it needs severe fixing.

Checking the Fuse First

Checking the Fuse of the air fryer should be your essential start. If the Fuse  is damaged, it will definitely not work. You have to replace the older Fuse with a new one. Fix it, and it will start functioning for sure. It is a pretty straightforward case, and you can do this job alone by being at home.

Having a Glance on the Air Fryer Basket

You must look at the air fryer basket before turning  on. There are chances that  basket needs to be in its proper place. Not fixing the basket in the right place can cause the glitching. It will not turn on and work in this criteria. You need to take care of that every time you use the appliance.

Fixing the Power Cable and the Power Cord

Keeping an eye on the power cable is a necessity. The plugging of the air fryer is not correct. As a result, no power is going to functioning. People usually need to consider this problem. They spin their heads to check out each and every component . But they need help finding the problem. It is because they fail to plug in. The power cable may have some blockage or damage. It leads to the malfunctioning of the device.

Solutions for air fryer problems

Control Panel is Working or Not

You must give a glance to the control panel of the air fryer. It is a fact  the failure of the control panel means the collapse of the device. Suppose your control panel is not working. It is a sign that  is not going to function. Resetting it functioning may help to turn it on. This step may fail. Then, you have to replace the older failed control panel. Get a new one for your modern.

Providing the Proper Temperature Conditions

Setting the air fryer to a high temperature may hinder the process. The air fryer won’t turn on at high temperatures. Try to turn on the air fryer at a lowered temperature. I am sure this is going to work. If not, then you should seek professional guidance. Lower temperatures are suitable for these appliances.

Checking up on the Timer and Other Features

The timer may also be why the air fryer turns off and won’t turn on. Try to set the timer on the air fryer before turning it on. It may help. Otherwise, you need to check the other features like safety Features. Safety features are the major ones to take care of. Still, if you are still trying to solve the problem, look at the air fryer’s manual. It has all the information that you need while using the air fryer.

The heating Element of the Air Fryer may  not be Working

Serious issues can happen. It may be a symptom that the heating element of the air fryer is damaged. It is not functioning in the right way. Dealing with this problem needs technical help. Contact the professionals to replace or fix the heating element.

Contacting the Manufacturer if more Technical

Sometimes, you still need help finding the issue out of all the essential checkups. It leads to the decision to contact the Manufacturer of your device. Tell him about the problem that your air fryer keeps shutting down. He will definitely suggest a solution. Or he can come over to resolve the issue.

Errors and Solutions Depending upon the Model of the Air fryer

Only some issues and errors must be the same in all air fryers. They may vary depending on the type and company of the air fryer. Gain all the knowledge related to the particular air fryer in your use and its possible errors . Then, try to solve the problem accordingly. Most of the modern air fryers do have digital displays which represent the error codes. These error codes are helpful to locate the problem.

Ninja Air Fryer

Using a ninja air fryer is an act of art. It is the most versatile form of the air fryer. Fixing the pot and the lid in the Ninja air fryer can cause errors.

Instant Pot Air Fryer

Using the instant pot air fryer is familiar. It is the most famous and convenient of all. The instant pot  may have some problems. You need to fix it properly. Moreover, try turning off the lid in a classic way.

Power Xl Air Fryer

If your power XL air fryer is out of order, don’t worry. Only suggestion is people usually need to insert the basket inside the air fryer properly. It is essential for to keep shutting down, or it won’t turn on.

Tips and ticks

Gourmia Air Fryer Shutting Down

The power Cord is the primary concern in the case of the Gourmia air fryer is not working. If the power cord is broken or damaged, then obviously, it is not going to work.

Crux Air Fryer

The crux air fryer works differently. Fixing the air fryer basket is the first concern. Moreover, if it is still not working. Then turn it off and the turn on to check the functionality.

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What is the reason for my Air Fryer to Continuously shut off?

The air fryer continuously shutting on and off has one primary reason. Most has an automatic shutting off feature. This feature usually exists to avoid sudden damage and burning. It is a safety feature from overheating. If the device keeps shutting off, it means it is overly heated. Lower the temperature in such cases.

What is the right way of resetting the air fryer?

Resetting  is the essential step in case of glitches. Most of the air fryers have the reset option or button. You have to press it, and it will get reset.

What is the position of the Fuse in the Air Fryer?

The Fuse is usually at the bottom of the air fryer with the other components. Locate it at the bottom and then fix it. Learn basic knowledge before dealing with the appliance.


Wrapping up by stating that these appliances have a solution to every problem. Your primary concern related to your device is to troubleshoot the issue happening. Significant attention is needed if your air fryer is turned off and won’t turn on. As you invested a lot of money in your appliance, taking care of it is your responsibility. Maintaining should be your primary concern. You must clean it properly after every use. Please keep it away from water. Use no propellant and chemical-free sprays.

The first step should be to get the error codes and locate the errors accordingly. If you can solve the issue at home, it is good. But if you find it hard to manage independently, seek professional help or guidance. Investing more coins in your beloved appliance is a minor deal. 

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