Cooking Hash Browns in the Modern Air Fryer, Nutritional Importance and Benefits

Making the Yummiest potato hash browns for your breakfast would be a great idea, as creating the hash browns in an air fryer is an effortless skill. Hash browns prepared in an air fryer is the most effortless way of preparing this potato snack. And everyone will love it no matter when you are serving these crispy hash browns. You can name these hash browns as your comfort food because of the comfort of preparing it. The flavorful, textured potatoes that you indulge in the mornings and your brunches are healthy. As these are full of nutrition, hash browns are a perfect source of major body proteins and minerals.

Serving breakfast with a perfect level of crisp would be great therapy for you. This healthy and heavenly breakfast will give you enough energy to work actively for the rest of the day. Cooking hash browns in an air fryer is just a matter of a few minutes and is not even considered cooking because it is so quick.

Cooking Hash browns in an air fryer is an excellent choice if you prefer crispy foods like air fried orange chicken rather than soft and juicy. Due to the perfect level of crispiness that air fryer provides to the snacks, it is preferred over oven or stove top cooking. Remember that cooking hash browns in the air fryer will not take long.

Nutritional Importance of Hash Browns in Air Fryer

Cooking hash browns in an air fryer has several health benefits which we cannot neglect. Cooking the oil-free food is a significant advantage of cooking in the air fryer. You can use limited oil for cooking your hash browns. And with that fundamental quantity of oil, you still can have the most heavenly hash browns you have ever had.

  •  The nutrients provided by the air-fried Hash Browns are the Proteins. You can call the hash browns as a power source of proteins.
  •  Other than Proteins, getting Vitamins, mainly Vitamin A and Vitamin C, from hash browns is a fundamental benefit.
  •  The energy you instantly obtain after indulging in a meal like hash browns is due to Carbohydrates.
  •  Getting through the day because of the energy obtained due to the nutrients in the hash browns is such a sigh of relief.

 Ingredients Required

 when cooking the frozen hash brown patties in the air fryer, you don’t need a long list of elements. Just a small list of two to three ingredients for your recipe in the air fryer, and you are sorted for the meal. These ingredients are readily available in your kitchen.

Ingredients of hash brown in air fryer

Cooking Spray

You require a cooking spray for greasing the air fryer basket; therefore, the hash browns will not stick to the sides or get burnt after sticking.

Cooking Oil

The cooking oil is required to brush the oil on the top of the hash browns to get a beautiful golden brown color. Cooking oil is a basic necessity, whether in the air fryer or in the oven, no matter what you are cooking.

 Frozen Hash Brown Patties

The last thing you require is the already-made frozen hash browns. You have to put them in the air fryer after preheating.

Defrosting the Hash Brown Patties

It would help to not defrost the hash brown patties before cooking. This will add moisture to the patties, and these will not get enough crispy. Bring them straight out of the freezer and put them into the preheated air fryer to get cooked instantly very similar to frozen burritos and frozen toaster strudel. Instant air fryers are the best gadgets for quick meals like hash brown patties.

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How to Cook the Hash  Browns in an Air Fryer?

Cooking the hash browns in the air fryer by following a standard recipe is an art. And you must master it to get a yummy and filling meal in return. Greasing, oiling, and then cooking at the right temperature are the basic steps to maintain your hash browns. Go through the following steps individually. And make the classy hash browns and serve them in the most elegant way possible.

Cook Hash brown in air fryer

 Preheating the Gadget

Preheating the air fryer at a suitable temperature would be great for a proper texture. This Preheating dramatically helps to provide uniform heat to the snacks in the air fryer. Consistent heat means the uniform and presentable surface of the hash browns.

The temperature at which you should preheat the air fryer is 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Neglected temperature range and time for preheating may lead to air fryer explosion. This process requires only a few minutes of preheating.

Using the Cooking Spray

Bring yourself a cooking spray and grease the air fryer basket. It is always better to use a non-propellant cooking spray. This will be safe for your food and air fryer as well.

Brushing Oil

Drench your oiling brush in oil, and then coating the top of the hash browns with the oil is a must. This oil will help to achieve a pretty golden brown color for your perfectly cooked hash brown patties.

 Putting the hash Browns in an air fryer

Put the oiled hash brown patties in the preheated air fryer basket. Ensure that you have closed the lid properly so that no lid will move out of the air fryer. Use tongs or a spatula to flip the patties when one side is cooked properly.

How Long does it take to cook hash browns in the air fryer?

A cooking period of almost 15 minutes would be enough to get the ideal flavor of the crispy hash browns. When it melts in the mouth, the soft inner with the crispy outer layer tastes like coming straight from heaven.

Serving the Hash Browns

Once the hash browns are cooked, you will find them crispy enough. Putting them on the serving platter and serving them with the garlic mayo would be a great decision. This would be a great serving and act as an all-in-one for breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

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Which type of spay oil should we use for oiling?

It would help if you preferred the olive oil cooking spray to top the hash browns before cooking in the air fryer. The olive oil is healthy and provides enough crispy to the top layer of the hash browns.

Why do my Hash browns break up in the air fryer?

Breaking up of the hash browns in the air fryer may be because you have crowded the air fryer with more patties. These patties cannot fit in the basket at the same time. As a result, they break up. So avoid overcrowding of the air fryer basket.

Why do my hash browns are not crispy enough?

Frozen hash brown patties or frozen potatoes for making hash brown patties would be suitable for a perfect crisp. This is because freezing sucks moisture from potatoes, and they turn out to be more crispy.

Can we Reheat the Hash browns in the Air fryer?

Reheating the hash browns in the air fryer is another convenient life hack that comes with buying an air fryer. Putting the refrigerated air-fried patties already cooked in the basket and passing the hot air through it for 1-2 minutes is suitable for reheating.

Final Verdict

Considering the nutritional importance of the heavenly delicious air-fried hash browns, you should add them to your breakfast menu. The most versatile potato snack made in an air fryer also looks good to serve at your dining table. Ensure not to overcook the hash brown patties; get a suitable level of crispiness that you can feel in every bite, along with side sauces like ketchup, mayo, and garlic sauce.

The major question about the use of air fryers is:

How long does it take to cook hash browns in an air fryer? But it is not a difficult question at all because the meal gets ready in a few minutes. Flipping the hash brown patties inside the air fryer is essential to cook them equally from both sides. The hot air will uniformly pass through the patties, and these will get the most uniform color and texture in the end.

Using an air fryer has a more excellent range of benefits for you. Saving your time by providing quick meals with a subtle amount of spices like black pepper and oregano is the primary advantage you get from the air fryer.

Cooking hash browns in the air fryer and then serving the patties with the roasted tomatoes is a great combination. You can also serve hash browns with steaks and scrambled eggs. Poached eggs and avocados would also be a great idea to serve the hash brown patties in the most elegant manner on your dining table as everyone is already waiting to indulge in the yummy meal. 

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