Safety Tips on Can You Put Paper Towels in Air Fryer

The most common question related to the air fryer that consumers are always searching for is whether you can put paper towels in the air fryer. Putting the paper towels in the air fryer is not recommended at all. You must avoid using paper towels inside the Air Fryer. A slight mismanagement can cause air fryer explosions or severe conditions. A fire can break out in your kitchen space. To avoid these situations, you must follow all the safety measures the professionals give. Read the manual with your air fryer to know the rules and regulations for using the air fryer.

Paper towels are usually used to pat dry the fruits and vegetables whenever you are making something. Moreover, you can use these paper towels to soak oil from your fried food. These are very lightweight with very breathable texture and material. When you put the paper towels in the air fryer, they can come in contact with the heating element due to high temperature, and as a result, malfunctioning may occur. Try to follow all the instructions to avoid these kinds of situations. Following all the safety tips on using an air fryer and learning every single behavior will keep you safe and give your electric appliance a long shelf life. 

Reasons Why Can’t You Put Paper Towels in Air Fryer

There are many reasons for not using paper towels in the air fryer. Putting paper towels in the air fryer is not only prohibited but is very dangerous to do so. Therefore,  it is always better to consult before putting anything in your air fryer or oven. You can go through all of them so that you will always put paper towels in the air fryer.

  • Paper towels cannot tolerate high temperatures. They will start burning at high temperatures, and that too in air-tight containers like air fryers or ovens.
  • The burning may turn into heavy fire, which is very risky for your kitchen.
  • Paper towels are highly flammable and are the worst option to use in the air fryer.
  • If the paper towels somehow touch the heating element, then it will surely be a hazard. There could be life risks in such cases.

Replacements of Paper Towels in the Air Fryer

The alternative that you should use in place of paper towels in the air fryer depends upon the purpose for which you are using the towels. The most basic purpose of the paper towels was to pat dry the fruits and vegetables if they were wet. But the rest of the characteristics can be performed because of the following reasons,

Cleaning Purposes

If you use paper towels to avoid sticking food to the bottom of the air fryer, then you must use parchment paper. These papers best line up your baking pans and air fryer baskets. It prevents any food particles from sticking to your basket. You must try using parchment paper if you still need to. Paper parchment paper is used in multiple recipes, like glazed donuts, biscuits, hash browns, patties, and onion rings.

Using the baking paper is also a good option instead of paper towels. These are resistant to heat and can tolerate temperatures. Moreover, these papers are very cost-friendly.

Aluminium foil is a replacement for paper towels. Aluminium foils help to cook all types of food in the air fryer.  You can use aluminium foil to cook spaghetti, crispy crowns, mini wontons, burgers and even tacos. You can wrap the burritos in the foil sheet before putting them in the air fryer.

Avoid contact of the aluminium foil with the heating element; then, you can use it at any temperature. It absorbs no extra moisture and is very easy to handle.

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paper towel in air fryer

Benefits of Using Parchment Paper or Baking Paper in the Air Fryer

Parchment paper or baking paper provides you with multiple benefits. It is very breathable; therefore, hot air can easily pass through it to cook food. Moreover, you can get parchment paper of different shapes already cut depending upon the type of the air fryer. This helps, so you don’t have to cut it according to the air fryer size. Your baking paper should not be butter paper or waxed paper. These are the nonstick ones used in the air fryer basket and the oven trays. While placing the parchment paper, it is always better to check its correct position. It should not cover the vents and the fans. Moreover, it must be at some distance from the heating elements. This helps to get a very smooth flow of the hot air. After following all the conditions, you can cook in the air fryer using parchment paper or an air fryer.

Temperatures of Air Fryer for using Parchment Paper

If you are using parchment paper other than paper towels, you must know the suitable temperatures of the air fryer. Different materials like aluminium foil, baking paper and parchment paper can withstand different temperatures. The most suitable temperature for parchment paper is within the range of 400 degrees to 450 degrees.

Use of Silicon Air Fryer Liner

In the present era, there is a trend to use silicon objects in everyday life, which has made life much easier. For this purpose, consumers use silicon liners in the air fryer baskets. These silicon molds are made out of silicon in all the required shapes and sizes. You can get a bundle of this silicon mold at very reasonable prices. The type of the silicon molds also depends upon the type of the air fryer you are using. All air fryers, including the Chefman air fryer, Gourmia, Ninja, Turbofry air fryer and even the 2QT and 5QT air fryer, have different silicon molds.

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Is it okay to use parchment paper in the air fryer?

Using parchment paper in the air fryer is very safe and highly suggested. But still, if you find it risky, you can use the perforated parchment papers. As a result, there is no blockage of hot air, and the food will be cooked appropriately. No risk of burning exists in this case. Try to avoid the use of baking paper or butter paper.

Do all types of air fryers require lining papers?

Not all types of air fryers require the use of liners. But it is always better to use one so you will not be in the mess of cleaning the air fryer after cooking. In some cases, there is a dire need to use parchment paper, such as when making omelet and bagel chips. On the other hand, cooking steak and shrimp in the air fryer is unnecessary.

How to make air fryer liners on your own?

For this purpose, you should buy the parchment paper from the nearest store. Then, you can cut into the required size, depending on your air fryer basket size. After cutting, make holes in the parchment paper according to the perforations in the air fryer basket.

Can air pass through the paper towels?
Paper towels are highly porous and lightweight, so the air can easily pass through them. They can quickly catch fire at high temperatures when kept in hot air. Both the liquid and air can pass through the paper towels. But putting them in the air fryer is highly prohibited for safety reasons. 


According to the experts and manuals, avoid putting paper towels in the air fryer. Following their professional advice will be helpful to avoid any sort of disaster that is going to happen in your kitchen. Pondering that the parchment papers are more suitable than the paper towels, you should change your mind. Try to make it your habit to buy only parchment paper and use it in kitchen appliances. It serves both the cleaning and safety purposes inside your air fryer. But when using parchment paper, you should take care that it should never touch the heating element of the air fryer. Avoid restricting the hot air flow, and your food will be cooked with great texture.

Avoiding disasters in your kitchen is your responsibility. Being careless towards your electric appliance, no matter what you are using, is dangerous. Whether it is a sandwich maker, a toaster, an oven, or an air fryer, eclectic appliances are undoubtedly dangerous. A slight degree of carelessness can cause severe results. Safety should always be your top priority. Therefore, do not be careless while you are working in the kitchen. Keep the kids out of the kitchen, especially away from the electric appliances.  You must read the air fryer manual carefully and follow all the instructions properly. This will help you get the perfect food without any burning effects. The food will taste and smell like it is coming from heaven. The most delicious meals can be prepared in your kitchen if you do it correctly.

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