Perfect Method of Preparing the Crispy Rice in Air Fryer

Some people like to make simple crispy rice in an air fryer with the sushi flavor in it. But most of the time, they want to make crispy salmon rice with the flavor of salmon in it. This salmon version of the recipe is a bit long as you have to prepare the air fryer salmon first. Therefore, sticking to the sushi rice recipe is great if you want a quick recipe to satisfy your cravings. Serving the crispy rice along with the cheese quesadilla and cheese chips is the most excellent decision ever. Sushi rice is a top priority for seafood lovers. No one can deny that the sushi tastes even better than the chicken steaks. Earlier, it was challenging to prepare the sushi rice. But nowadays, when you own quality appliances like a Chefman air fryer, Ninja, or any other suitable air fryer, life becomes much more accessible.

The meals that take hours to prepare on the stovetop can get ready quickly in the air fryer. Crispy rice in the air fryer is not made in the oven because they do not turn out as crispy as you want. The same happens with all the rest of the recipes. Snacks like nuggets, hush puppies, mini wontons, and even onion rings are less crispy in the oven. They get browned earlier but are not crispy at all. Therefore, you should an air fryer and check the reviews to know which air fryers, including the Gourmia and 2QT air fryers, are best for you.

Ingredients to make the Crispy Rice in Air Fryer

Making the crispy rice in the air fryer will be a different experience. No one has the recipe for making crispy rice in the air fryer. Therefore, we have brought an easy way of performing this recipe. Try to gather all the ingredients before jumping into the actual recipe.

Sushi Rice

It would help if you had sushi rice to make crispy seafood in the air fryer. This is the fundamental ingredient, and you can get it from any of the nearest local stores. Almost one cup of sushi rice is required to make one complete meal of crispy rice.

Rice Vinegar

The second most important ingredient for this recipe is rice vinegar. This rice vinegar adds an excellent flavor to your rice. But you need a very minute quantity of it. Therefore, bring almost 3-4 tablespoons of rice vinegar in a cup or jar.


Avocado is a great ingredient to add flavor to your recipes like sandwiches, salads and even the omelet. I even love the crushed avocados on top of my tacos and burritos. Nothing can match the level of flavor you get from each avocado bite. Two fresh avocados would be enough for this recipe.


Add at least one tablespoon of tamari to your crispy rice mixture for flavoring and seasoning. This ingredient is best for the perfect flavor in your rice.


Remember to add the jalapeno to your rice to add a spicy touch. Slices of jalapeno will make every bite spicy enough. One jalapeno would be enough for this recipe. Adding more than one jalapeno is okay if you like extra spice.


Mayonnaise is such a universal ingredient. Adding creamy mayo to your rice can make anything taste two times better. But as we are making sushi rice for seafood lovers, it is better to add vegan mayo to this recipe. Vegan mayo is also a great choice. You require only two tablespoons of vegan mayo for this recipe.

Sriracha Sauce

Adding sauces to my dishes is my favorite hobby to do. I always experiment by adding multiple sauces to any of my recipes. Sriracha sauce is a big trend these days. I added it to my sushi rice, and it turned out great. Add at least two tablespoons of sriracha sauce to your recipe to understand the hype.

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crispy rice in air fryer

Instructions to Follow for Making Crispy Rice in Air Fryer

Follow a few simple and fundamental steps to make crispy rice in the air fryer. These steps include adding all the ingredients one by one into the mixture, and as a result, the ice gets ready in very little time.

Cooking the Sushi Rice

There are always some instructions present on the sushi rice package. Read the instructions and cook the sushi rice according to the package instructions. This is the step to make the crispy rice in the air fryer. The cooking instructions also include frozen food items like dumplings and hush puppies.

Adding the Rice Vinegar

When the rice is done, turn off the heat and pour the vinegar into the cooked hot rice. Stir the rice using a wooden spoon or a spatula. This helps the rice to absorb all the rice vinegar.

Air Frying the Sushi Rice

Bring a silicon mold, which you can put quickly into the air fryer. Add the rice to this silicon mold. Divide into more than one batch if you are making in larger quantities. Then, put them into the air fryer. Four hundred degrees should be the temperature of the air fryer. The air frying of the sushi rice will continue for 10-11 minutes only.

Assembling the Toppings

In the meantime, treat the toppings when your rice is getting ready. Prepare the avocados by mashing them and add the tamari to these mashed avocados. Mix them well. On the other hand, slice the jalapeno into very thin and suitable slices.

Preparing the sauce

Add the mayo in a separate small mixing bowl and pour sriracha sauce into it. Whisk them well to make a sauce for the crispy air fryer rice.

Adding the Toppings

Take the cooked rice out of the air fryer. Add the toppings one by one to this crispy rice. Please do not make it a mess—beautifully top the rice. Spread the sliced jalapeno and drop in the sauce. Then, add the mashed avocados in the end.

Serving the Crispy Rice

Serve the Crispy air Fryer rice with a suitable cold drink, and you are good to go. You can also put a salmon steak alongside your crispy rice.

Pro Tips about the Leftovers, Substitutes and Storage

  • You can replace the vegan mayo in this recipe with the garlic mayo or your desired sauce for your flavor. 
  • Salmon and crispy rice make it a great appetizer to serve in front of your guests.
  • Freeze the leftovers and reheat them in the air fryer with the same settings whenever you crave them.
  • You require silicon molds to cook the crispy rice in the air fryer. It will make small pastries out of your crispy rice. This dish is enjoyable to serve on the dining table.
  • Storing the food in the same silicon containers or the foil molds is more accessible and convenient.
  • This recipe requires tongs, mixing bowls, an air fryer and silicon molds. These are the required equipment, a few of which are already in your kitchen.
  • You can add more seasonings for flavor, like onion and garlic powder. Adding up a creamy sauce does wonders for the flavors.

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Can we cook rice in the air fryer?

It would help to boil the sushi rice; therefore, cooking in the air fryer is difficult. Boil water in a kettle and then add water to it. The boiling is done on the stovetop. But if you can do it in the air fryer, you can go for it. But this is a risky step, and I do not recommend it.

Why do we call them crispy rice?

The crispy rice has a thin crust at the bottom with unique toppings at the top. The rice is cooked directly and has a crunchy texture. Therefore, we call this rice the crispy rice because of the fantastic rice crust.

How to store the air fryer’s crispy rice?

You can store the air fryer crispy rice in the air-tight containers in the refrigerator. These crispy rice will stay fresh and tasty for 2-3 days. It is better to store the rice without the toppings. Try to finish them in these days, or these will be wasted.

Final Thoughts

Spreading the cucumber chips on top of the crispy rice made in the air fryer is a fantastic variation that you can make in this recipe. Like the sweet potato fries, any chip or fried can also complement the crispy rice best. Other than the regular salmon, serving the eye-round steak or the beef ribs as an addition to the crunchy rice will always go right. Maintain the air fryer properly and clean it after you make sushi to avoid the air fryer smells. This is a significant and annoying problem, so you must handle it.

The last pro tip for sushi rice is to use an oil spray on the rice crust. The avocado oil spray or simple oil helps to add crunch to the sushi rice crust. 

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