Making the Delicious Country Style Ribs in Air Fryer

Ditching the traditional ways of making your country style ribs in air fryer is a good idea to explore more ways of cooking. Get yourself the best quality air fryer like a Chefman, Ninja, Gourmia, or turbo-fry air fryer. 

All these air fryers give high performance for your homemade meals. You can easily prepare snacks in your air fryer, including hush puppies, hash browns, sausage patties, crispy crowns and many more. Therefore, you can save money in expensive restaurants to have the perfect flavored snacks. Besides these snacks, you can also make dishes like chicken.

 steaks, salmon, burgers and sandwiches in the same air fryer. The same goes for your country-style ribs. Air fryers produce the juiciest and most worth-serving ribs with the prettiest texture and beautifully golden brown color. The color and texture of the ribs are very even when you make them in the air fryer in the right way.

Coating the ribs in the most delicious sauces like BBQ sauce and other spicy sauces gives them additional flavors. Whatever you cook in the air fryer stays juicy from the inside while getting a crispy layer on the outside. The sign of the most delicious snacks is the combo of crispy bites with juicy interior. There are several traditional ways of preparing the ribs, including stovetop cooking, oven baking and grilling. But when you try to make them in the air fryer for once, you will say that this is the winning method. There is no way to return to these older cooking methods for your ribs.

Ingredients for Making the Country Style Ribs in Air Fryer

The country-style ribs in air fryer require a short list of ingredients to prepare in the air fryer. Cooking them in the air fryer is also a healthy way, leading to the use of healthy ingredients. You can skip one or two if you have yet to have all the spices mentioned here. You can also replace one with some other spice of your choice. All these spices will be available at your nearest local market. For the most authentic and delicious flavor, it is better to buy all the spices as these will not cost you much.

Country Style Ribs

You require at least two pounds of ribs to make one serving for the whole family. Clean them properly and also pat dry them. Use paper towels for this purpose.

Seasonings and Spices

There are several different spices that we have to add to the ribs to prepare for cooking. You can call this step the marination of the ribs. The herbs include the following list.

  • One Tablespoon of onion powder
  • One Tablespoon of Sea Salt
  • Two Tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon red chili flakes
  • One Tablespoon of Onion Powder
  • One Tablespoon of garlic powder
  • One tablespoon Cumin
  • One Tablespoon smoked Paprika
  • Two Tablespoon Brown Sugar
  • One and a half tablespoons of Chili Powder

Sauce For Coating

You can use any sauce, like a hot sauce, chili sauce, or BBQ sauce, for coating your ribs before serving. I like to add BBQ sauce to cover the ribs adequately.

For Garnishing

You require fresh parsley or coriander to sprinkle on the cooked ribs before serving. Parsley should be preferred because of its better flavor and aromatic qualities.

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Recipe of Making the Country Style Ribs in the Air Fryer

You must follow this step-by-step guide to make the most delicious ribs in your air fryer. Follow the instructions that come in your air fryer manual. This will help you a lot while handling your air fryer in the cooking process. You must marinate the ribs and cook them in the air fryer.

Preparing the Rub

To prepare a marination for the air fryer ribs, combine all the spices at once. Add all the spices into a medium sized mixing bowl. First, add the chili flakes, the chili powder, paprika, and black pepper. Add some salt and then mix onion powder and garlic powder into it. Add some cumin. In the end, add the garlic. Use a spoon or spatula to mix all the spices.

Marinating the Ribs

Bring the cleaned ribs and rub the prepared mixture on the skin of the ribs. Rub it evenly on all sides so that it will be coated perfectly. You can use your clean hands for this rubbing process but wash them immediately. Make sure the seasoning sticks to the skin of the ribs. Only in this way will all these flavors be absorbed in the ribs.

Preheating the Air Fryer

The preheating temperatures for all the air fryers like 2QT, 5QT, rj38 or digital air fryers are different. It all depends upon the type of food you will cook in the air fryer. For this purpose, preheat your air fryer to an average temperature of 370 degrees. The preheating will be done only in 3-4 minutes.

Setting the Air Fryer Basket

Put all their ribs one by one into the air fryer basket. Avoid overstuffing the basket and keep spaces between the ribs. This helps for the smooth flow of the hot air, and therefore, the food will be evenly cooked.

Starting the Cooking Process

Press the start button after setting the time and temperature. Continue to cook the ribs in the air fryer for about 10 minutes. The temperature is the same as for the preheating.

Coating with the BBQ Sauce

Bring the ribs out of the air fryer basket. Use a brush to coat all the cooked ribs with the BBQ sauce. Then put the ribs again into the air fryer basket for 2-3 minutes.

Serving the Ribs

Coat with the BBQ sauce again, then serve the delicious ribs on the dining table.

country style ribs in air fryer

Pro Tips Related to Making the Ribs in Air Fryer

You must follow the professional tips in almost all the recipes you go through. All these tips make your cooking process more accessible and convenient. These tips have proved to be the most helpful for me.

Check out the manual with your air fryer and adjust the cooking time for this recipe accordingly. Every air fryer has different settings, so a slight adjustment is needed.

You can use a meat thermometer to insert it in the ribs and check out the internal temperature. This helps to know if the food is thoroughly cooked or not.

Adjust the number of ribs depending on the size of your air fryer. Do not overcrowd the basket.

Use tongs to flip the ribs in between cooking. As a result, the ribs will be perfectly cooked from both sides with the perfect texture and color.

The leftovers of the air fryer ribs stay in the refrigerator for at least three days.

You can put the ribs in the oven and reheat them for reheating. For reheating in the air fryer, preheat it and put the ribs in it for 2-3 minutes.

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Which ingredients do we require to make ribs in an air fryer?

To make ribs in the air fryer, you need ribs, a rub made of spices for coating the ribs, and BBQ sauce for the final flavors. If you have all these three ingredients, you can easily make the ribs at home in the air fryer. Moreover, you can add or skip spices from the rub according to your choice.

What do we serve with the Ribs?

Along with the air-fried ribs, you can serve hasselback potatoes, some salads, and hot dogs. The recipe for the ribs is quite similar to the Korean short ribs, with a few minor changes. Serve the potato fries, cheese sticks or chips with your yummy and crispy ribs.

For how long should we air fry the ribs?

The ribs usually take only 20-25 minutes to get cooked. If you still want to cook them more, check them after 25 minutes. Make sure you do not burn your air fryer ribs. These will be perfect to serve after the first 20 minutes. But still, you can exaggerate the time to 25 minutes.


Country Style Ribs in Air Fryer is an easy-to-follow recipe with three simple steps. The rub you coat the ribs should be spicy and tasty enough with all essential spices. The whole taste of the ribs depends upon the flavors you add to the rub. Remember to sprinkle the parsley on the ribs before serving it. This garnishing step makes the food more appealing and flavorful. Instead of grilling, you must go for the air fryer. It is an oil-free method of cooking your ribs. Therefore, the ribs are a healthy meal as all the nutrients are retained, and no minerals are lost.

The tender and juicy bites are a mutual favorite of everyone, big and small. It would help if you made these air fryer ribs this weekend to make everyone happy at home. The Brussels sprout salads, spaghetti salad, potato salad, Mac and Cheese, and ribs will be a substantial fun combo. 

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