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Cheese sticks frozen in an air fryer are a fantastic snack to prepare in a few minutes. Snacking in the middle of the night or the afternoon is a must for youngsters. These teenagers can only spend time craving something delicious on the side table. Add frozen air-fried cheese sticks to your weekly snack menu to make snack variations. Mozzarella cheese is the favorite of everyone, so that you can choose it for your recipe. When the cheese melts in your mouth, the feeling is incredible. You feel like this meal is coming straight from heaven. The heavenly, delicious air-fried frozen cheese sticks are the best companion of tea . You can serve these any time of the day with these hot drinks.

Air-fried frozen cheese sticks are a low-calorie snack and are entirely fat-free just like air fried sausage links. Only a tiny amount of calories is present in the form of cheese. The gym freaks or health-conscious people can also have this air fried snack occasionally. I assure you you will always go right with the frozen cheese sticks. Using the air fryer with less time and power consumption makes this snack instantly. So, instant results lead to happy meals. Pairing up the crispy cheese sticks to the delicious dips is another significant step for a fantastic meal to satisfy all the arising cravings. Satisfying your heart with whatever it desires is therapeutic, and you must avail yourself of this therapy.

Pro Tips about Air Fryer Cheese Sticks

Air fryer cheese sticks are crispy from the outside while super soft with the excellent cheese pull from the inside. Making the cheese sticks is also an effortless process. The cheese sticks comprise several ingredients, but as you make the frozen ones, there are only a few. Buying frozen cheese sticks is the easiest way of getting them prepared. But if you make these at home, you must take care of all the spices. Adding black pepper gives most Chinese cuisine flavor. Defrosting the frozen cheese sticks is not necessary at all. You can get them out of the freezer and put them straight in the air fryer. The outer crispy layer of the cheese sticks and the inner juicy layer combine to give a classy snack on your table. For more crispiness in the outer layer, you can coat a layer of bread crumbs before frying. One more pro tip about making the cheese sticks is that you can also add a layer of corn flour to exaggerate the crisp level in your cheese steak. 

cheesy air fryer sticks

Ingredients For making the Frozen Cheese Sticks in an Air Fryer

Making the frozen cheese sticks in the air fryer is a short recipe. Two to three ingredients are the basic need. These ingredients are always present on your kitchen shelf. Going to the grocery store and buying ingredients is separate from this recipe. Here is the list of the few essential ingredients. 

Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

The first ingredient that you need is frozen mozzarella sticks. Using the fresh ones will do wonders. But the frozen ones are also great. For making one person meal, six frozen cheese sticks are enough. But making a two-person meal will require at least 12 frozen cheese sticks. 

Cooking Spray for the Win

Cooking spray is a basic need of every recipe, no matter what you are cooking. You are always going to need the cooking spray for greasing. Greasing the grills, pans, and baskets is the primary purpose of this cooking spray. Try to use the non-propellant ones as these are chemical-free and do not add harmful agents to your food. 

Breadcrumbs and Oil Wash

Coat coat them with breadcrumbs for a crisp layer on your frozen cheese sticks. First, brush oil on the cheese sticks and roll in the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs will stick to the cheese sticks, and you can air-fry them easily. We can also use bread crumbs coating in pork roast recipe to give extra crunch.

Dips and Sauces For Serving

No fancy dips or sauces are the priority for serving the cheese sticks. You can serve them with any of the simple side dips, and these will taste amazing. They already have so much richness in every bite. The melted cheese pull is enough to melt your heart when you break the cheese stick from the center. Pouring your heart into the recipe is what you need for better outcomes. 

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Process of Air Frying the Frozen Cheese Sticks

There are only a few basic steps in this recipe. Cooking or air frying the cheese sticks is a challenging task. You just put the cheese stick in for a few minutes and then get them out with the most luscious flavor ever. Jump into the recipe to get the most yummy snack for your evening.

Greasing with Cooking Spray

Remember to spray the air fryer basket with the cooking spray. It will prevent the burning of the cheese sticks. It acts as a lubrication to avoid sticking the food to the floor and grill. Hence, this step is essential and super helpful.

 Preheating the Air Fryer

Preheating is always a priority. It doesn’t matter if you use the air fryer or oven to cook. All these appliances require a slight degree of preheating. Preheat for 2 minutes only at 380 degrees.

Cooking the cheese sticks

Put the cheese sticks in the air fryer. Arrange them without crowding the basket. If it gets messy, then divide the cooking into two batches. Turn off the lid and cook at the same temperature for 5 minutes. Perfectly crispy cheese sticks with the cheese melting inside are ready to serve.

Serving the cheese sticks

Put the cooked cheese sticks in the serving platter and combine it with the sauce. Serve on the table. If you are making these at midnight, nothing can beat the level of fun you will have while indulging in these cheese sticks.

The whole cooking process and even the flavors are similar to air fried cheese chips.

Serving air fryer cheese sticks


Storing and Reheating the Cheese Sticks Leftovers

You can store and reheat the cheese sticks leftovers for sure. The leftovers taste great and are so satisfying. I am a fan of the leftover being a foodie. If there left any of the cheese ticks are gone, then you should keep these in air-tight containers. Keep them away from moisture to retain the crunch. Then, for reheating, put them in the air fryer for two to three minutes. Serve the leftovers with tea to have the most fantastic taste. The cheese steak is a perfect meal to fill your stomach any time of the day.

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Why do my cheese sticks break up?

Some people face the problem that cheese sticks break up while air frying. It usually happens when cooking your cheese sticks at a high temperature. Cooking at high temperatures for more extended periods causes them to break. Therefore, try to use a suitable temperature and decrease the cooking time.

What to do if the cheese sticks are not crispy enough?

If your cheese sticks need to be crispy enough after a specific cooking time, cook for a few more minutes. The hot air of the air fryer will make the outer layer more crispy with a good brown color on all sides.

What is the stuffing of the cheese sticks?

The cheese sticks have a stuffing with the cheese and the necessary seasonings. The black pepper sprinkle is of great flavor. The inside of the sticks is full of cheese, so you need to prepare no other stuffing. Adding a little bit of the mayo and cream with bell pepper will be appreciated as per choice. 


The most classic serving method is serving the Frozen Cheese sticks with the Marinara sauce. The crispy layer of the bread crumbs melts in the mouth to deliver a rich flavor. Air-fried cheese steaks are the outclass appetizer to serve your guests. The guests’ kids and your own will happily indulge in these cheese sticks. On health terms, the cheese sticks are a great snack. Being low in fat and calories, this appetizer has quite nutritional importance. It keeps the body fresh and healthy with its flavor and contains no harmful agents at all.

Air frying the cheese sticks is a good step, providing instant results. Heating the frozen food in the air fryer has become super easy. You can also cook the frozen cheese sticks in the oven. But air frying is better than baking to keep the food healthier and happier. To make the serving more appealing, sprinkle a little parsley at the top and drizzle some ketchup aside. Air-fried cheese stick is an elegant serving for sure. Cheese sticks are similar to potato sticks. The only difference is that the cheese sticks are a power pack of cheese and flavor. You should always try to prioritize the air fryer for your convenience over another way of cooking the cheese stick.

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