cheese curds in air fryer

Are you also looking for a dish that is not deep-fried but gives the same taste? So stop your search now. Because air fryer cheese curds are one such dish. That is lightly cooked at a limited temperature. And its tastes are similar to those of deep fry.

An air fryer is enough to make this dish delicious. Thus, it is an ultra-pro cooking range that enhances more flavors in every dish. It doesn’t matter if they are vegetables, meat or snacks. It cooks every single recipe well.

This curds-cheese based recipe has a perfectly juicy crunch with a delighted filling inside. There is a lushness of flavors it contains. That includes crispy, creamy, tangy and candied taste. Also, the thick coating of cheese makes its crunch more flawless.

What is a cheese curd?

Cheese curd is a Middle Eastern cuisine. Which is popular there because of its appealing flavors. Do you want to know the secret of its taste? So, let’s first consider the history of this dish.

It is a milk-based canapé. So, it is pretty healthy. When it curdles, it acquires a rubbery texture. There is even a stage when it starts to become tofu. And tofu has a mild but robust and unique flavor. Also, there are small pieces of baby cheddar cheese.

Which are further dissolved in curdled milk and form a squeaky milk cheese. That is the core ingredient of our recipe. When you air fry this cheese, it melts perfectly and gives an appealing glance to a dish while serving. 

Ingredient needed:

Just as every dish has a specific color and taste, so does it also has. This dish is quite famous in northern areas. And often found in Wisconsin. Its ingredients are naturally healthy. That also makes a delicious addition to your recipe. All you have to do is follow this ingredient list:

  • Olive oil:

Firstly, you need 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil or can use cooking oil spray. It has a fresh, fruity taste. Which gives a pleasant touch to your dish. It is also beneficial in blood clotting in many parts of the body. You can also use avocado oil if you don’t have olive oil.

  •  Garlic powder:

Secondly, you must have 1 tablespoon of garlic powder. It adds a mildly bitter and sweet taste to our recipe. You can use peeled cloves if you don’t have garlic in powder form. Just finely chop all the garlic. And use in curd filling.

  • Bread Crumbs:

Thirdly, use 2 cups of bread crumbs. We prefer to use panko bread crumbs due to its unique properties. Like, it has approximately no flavor. But it enhances the crunch of this snack by making its topping thicker. Also, it improves your digestive system.

  • Eggs:

Fourthly, take 3 large eggs. It gives rich buttery flavors to your snacks. As well as it is nutritionally healthy. As it is an excellent source of proteins. Which later on recovers the body injuries. It doesn’t matter; they are knees, ankles, muscles or any other body part.

  •  Lemon juice:

Fifthly, you need 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. But if you don’t have lemon juice, you can also add vinegar to your recipe. Both taste almost the same but have different nutritional properties. Lemon juice treats cardiac issues. In contrast, vinegar creates oxidative relaxing cells in your body.

  • Salt:

Next, you must have ½ tablespoon of salt. We prefer to use kosher salt. As such, it is less salty than ordinary salt. Also, it proves to be very beneficial as a balancing factor. Like, it controls the blood pressure in your body. It also secretes additional gastric juice.

  •  All-purpose flour:

Further, use ¼ cup all-purpose flour. It has no taste. But it adapts to every taste when added to any other ingredients. This is the crucial element of our recipe. Which dusts your curds and forms a chunky layer on them.

  • Cheese curds:

Now, you have to consider 14 ounces of cheese curds. That should be 11/2 inches long. You cannot skip this component. It has a slightly milky texture with a salty taste. Also, it heals your injured bones. Does not depend on whether it is knee, joint or ankle.

Main component cheese

  • Black pepper:

Always remember to use half a tablespoon of black pepper. Its hot, piney flavor gives your dish a unique touch. Along with this, it improves your digestive problems. This often includes constipation, loose motions, and diarrhoea.

  • Mayonnaise:

You also need ½ cup of mayonnaise. We recommend using Duke’s Real Mayonnaise. It is richly flavored with egg yolk with a tangy taste. It provides a creamy texture to the top crunch of the cheese curd. Apart from this, it is also used in serving dishes.

  • Marina sauce:

Moreover, you must consider ½ tablespoon of marina sauce. This sauce contains delightful flavors with a combo of spice and butter. It is used in marinating procedure. And further proves helpful in cardiovascular activities. Plus, it promotes your hair growth.

  • Cheese:

Never forget the ½ cup of cheese in this recipe. Its use makes your dish complete. Guys! This component has numerous flavors. But we prefer the use of parmesan cheese. As it is the only cheese with 0-gram carbohydrates. It has a sharp, nutty taste. You can also prepare cheese in air fryer. That is easily bolded throughout the dish.

  • Italian seasoning:

Finally, use ½ tablespoon of Italian seasoning. It is a unique spice in our entire recipe. 90% of chefs use this flavor to enhance their snacking. It contains a variety of herbs, parsley and spices. So, if you want freshness in your diet, use this component.

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Required equipment:

In any recipe, they are as important as the ingredients. Because it is essential to put all the ingredients in such a vessel where they can be filled quickly instead of overfilling. And while mixing them, there is no risk of splashing the elements. All you have to do is consider some of these equipments:

  • 2 Non-stick container
  • Mixing spoon/Blender
  • 1 tablespoon
  • Oven mitts
  • 1 teaspoon
  •  Heat thermometer

Containers are used to store and marinate the material. While mixing, a spoon and blender mix all the ingredients and spices properly. We give priority to the blender in comparison to the mixing spoon. Thirdly, you must use a tablespoon and a teaspoon to measure all the ingredients.

Containers are used to store and marinate materials. While mixing, a spoon and blender mix all the ingredients and spices well. We prefer a blender over a mixing spoon. Third, you should use tablespoons and teaspoons to measure all elements accurately.

Meanwhile, using a heat thermometer is optional. However, it works effectively in computing the thermal reading of cheese curds without shutting down the air fryer.

How to season the cheese curds perfectly!

Marinating is a must in this recipe like all other cheese recipes. In this procedure, we have to add all the spices well. The first step is to take a bowl. Then, pour the oil in such a way that it spreads all over the bowl. Secondly, put garlic powder in it. Thirdly, separate the egg yolks from whitening. And use only yolks.

Next, add 1 tablespoon of black pepper and salt. After that, put all-purpose flour in the bowl. Make sure to use all ingredients according to our above measurements. Further, you must use the Italian seasoning spices to a limited extent. Then, add lemon juice to the container.

Now, take bread crumbs and add them to a bowl. Also, use the mayonnaise and marina sauce on the material. Lastly, use the remaining egg whitening. Sprinkle the cheese all around the materials. Finally, take a blender and mix the material properly.

There is no doubt that a mixing spoon is actually used for this purpose. But we use a blender to mix the mixture well. As the blender runs through the material smoothly.

On the other side, use another bowl. Add cheese curds to it. And pour the prepared material into it. Apply the mixture on curds smoothly. Make sure there is no rubbing. After complete marinating, keep the seasoned curds in refrigerator for at least 8 hours.

How do you air fry the cheese curds perfectly?

Air-frying the cheese curds is more accessible than using or trying a microwave dishes. So, feel relaxed and start cooking with ease. All you have to do is follow this strategy.

First, turn on your air fryer and preheat it for 5 minutes before cooking. The temperature should be 380°F. Then, please take out the basket and start arranging the cheese curd. This should be in a sequence from left to proper order. Set the temperature and time to 340°F and 10 minutes, respectively.

After 5 minutes, toss the curd to change direction. And check its peak temperature with a heat thermometer. After cooking, please take out the dish and place it on your serving plate.

Your yummy cheese curds are ready now! Enjoy, and best of luck.

Serving air fryer cheese curds


Air frying the cheese curds is the most advanced cooking. That cooks your meal faster with limited utensils. The addition of marina sauce gives extra unique flavors to our recipe just like cheese sticks. So, make sure it’s use in your while making cheese curds.

We personally suggest you use parmesan cheese instead of any other. Because it is full of nutritional properties. Which provides you with unbelievable health benefits. Do not forget to use oven mitts while seasoning or air frying the curds.

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How can we produce smooth texture material with the same ingredients?

The smoothness and thickness of the mixture depends on your utensil’s choice. So, use the blender to mix the material properly.

There is no doubt that a mixing spoon is actually used for this purpose. But we use a blender to mix the mixture well. As the blender runs through the material smoothly.

Can we use any other oil in case of no olive oil?

Yes! You can. Olive oil has a fresh, fruity taste. Which gives a pleasant touch to your dish. It is also beneficial in blood clotting in many parts of the body. But you can also use avocado oil if you don’t have olive oil.

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