Proper Guide for the Confusion of Can You Put Metal in an Air Fryer

Putting metal in an air fryer should not be a problem until an oven with the same metal dish is used. Several metals are used, so focusing on the material is essential. Being an air fryer user, you must be careful when using any material. There are several types of food that you should avoid cooking in the air fryer. Taking care of this aspect will help enhance your appliance’s shelf life. Being careless towards any of your electric appliances is such irresponsible behaviour. Investing so much money on cooking appliances demands you to use them carefully. You cannot just put anything in your air fryer. Reading the manuals and following all the precautions is very necessary. 

Following the do’s and Don’ts in an air fryer is a source of smooth running. Do not wonder about the most common question that you can put metal in an air fryer not. You can research appropriately before using any new material in the air fryer. Therefore, you can conclude the final decision depending on your air fryer type. The air fryer could be of any company life: a chefman air fryer, a turbo air fryer, a pizza air fryer or a 5Qt air fryer. Each air fryer has separate settings and features, so you can also contact the company’s customer support.

Use of Air Fryer Safe Metal Cookware

Using particular metal equipment in the air fryer would be a good decision. Different stores provide multiple materials and equipment that are very safe to use in the air fryer. This also includes different kinds of metals. These air fryer accessories are specially designed with suitable materials. This has multiple types of baking as shortbread biscuits accessories: air fryer racks, air fryer pans and baskets. Using f tongs and spatulas is another way of using suitable materials in the air fryer. These accessories are used for frying and baking dishes like bagel chips, sausage patties and crescent roll doughnuts. 

Any meat equipment like metal bowls, plates and trays can be used in air fryers, but you should search for one label only. Any metal material with a brand of oven safe in it can also be used in the air fryer. These oven-safe materials are highly tried and tested by experts to avoid any mishaps with the customers of the product.

Use the type of material and size of the bowl which does not block hot air flow. The basic types of metal equipment like bowls and rest are made of various materials.

Using Stainless Steel in Air Fryer

You can call Stainless Steel the safer one out of all the materials to be used in the air fryer. Before buying any stainless steel product, like a cooking pan or plate, ensure it has non-stick coatings. This helps to prevent the sticking and burning of food on the bottom of the pan. Using stainless steel equipment in the air fryer is the most common among all consumers.

Metal use in air fryer

Use of Aluminum in Air Fryer

Using aluminums in the air fryer is a familiar ritual. But it would help if you considered a few significant aspects necessary before using aluminum in the air fryer. Doing research and following expert advice is a good step.

Use the aluminum foil in the air fryer to prevent the perforations. Otherwise, the hot air passage is blocked, and the food will not be cooked.

Moreover, covering the bottom of cooking pans makes the process less messy and easy to clean.

Be careful while using the aluminum sheet and prevent it from touching the heating element.

Using Cast Iron

Cast iron for the air fryer is not an ideal deal. It would help if you kept it the last option in the air fryer. Cast iron usually has a few drawbacks; you must respect these.

Cast iron is heavy, but air fryer users usually prefer lightweight ones. Air fryers are not designed to deal with heavy materials. It can damage any component of the air fryer or affect the heating element. Moreover, the non-stick coating of the air fryer can also be affected due to its heavy weight. Avoid cast iron in your air fryers, or keep them as the last option.

Using Metal Skewers in Air Fryer

Metal skewers can be used in the Air Fryer, but you must be extra careful with them. Make sure that the material of the skewers is air fryer safe. It has a non-stick coating, and the material is strong enough to bear the high temperature inside a heating device. If the skewers are made of stainless steel, you can use them for fun. Overly long skewers will disturb the normal functioning of the air fryer. It won’t allow the hot air to pass through. Therefore, you must consider the skewers’ size and material.

Metal skewers can cause scratches on the sides of the air fryer. The air fryer gets scratched and loses its attraction and quality. Before buying these equipment and screws, you should ponder upon the size, material, non-stick coatings etc.

Scratching the air fryer with these Meta skewers will remove the protective coating of the air fryer. Moreover, if the scratch is on the outer surface, then the air fryer will not look attractive any more. It will lose all of its charm and attraction. So, taking care of the appliance and using very comfortable and suitable materials is necessary. Please have a look on air fryer instructions before using.

Things to Avoid while Using the Air Fryer

While using an air fryer, avoid the following list of things and follow up on the dos and don’ts of the air fryer. If you do not pay attention to all the terms and conditions of using the air fryer, then you definitely don’t deserve one at your shelf. 

Avoiding Hard Metal Containers

Avoiding rigid metal containers is the first ever care towards your air fryer appliance. Try to use the non-metal utensils and products on priority. But if you have to use the meat ones, try the aluminum and stainless steel ones.

Use of Wet Batters

Making food in the air fryer from the wet betters is not recommended. The air fryer basket is perforated and, therefore, unsuitable for these batters. This will create a mess in your air fryer. The use of pans would be better for this purpose.

Overcrowding the Air Fryer Basket

Overcrowding the basket of the air fryer is also a mistake. This leads to the uneven cooking of food. The process gets messy, and all the taste is lost. Your efforts will be wasted. So, try to cook the food in batches. They cooked food in batches, producing the most tasty and crispy meals as tater tots .

Excess use of Seasonings

Overuse of spices and seasonings ruins the texture and material of your air fryer and causes unwanted smells in air fryer. They get stuck, and the air fryer starts to corrode when not cleaned. The residue build-up in the air fryer will cause it to lose its functionality daily. Try to maintain the proper working of the air fryer.

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Can we use Cast Iron in the Air Fryer?

Cast iron is a heavy metal used in the air fryer and can cause scratches. So, avoiding cast iron in the air fryer would be better. Use replacements like stainless steel and aluminum foils for this purpose.

What damage can the metal cause to the air fryer?

The metal can cause an explosion if it touches the heating element. Moreover, its weight can damage the air fryer. It can severely harm your appliance; therefore, you must be careful when using this material in your sensitive air fryer appliance.

Is it okay to use plastic material equipment in the air fryer?

The use of plastic in the air fryer is highly recommended. You should never use a plastic bowl or material in the air fryer. It will get melted because of the high heat and temperatures. The melted material will stick to the appliance, causing the loss of your device. There can also be a risk of fire hazard because of the plastic melting on the heating element.


Avoid using all the unusual things in your air fryer as it is a sensitive appliance. You can simply use nonstick cooking sprays or oil in the air fryer to avoid sticking material to the bottom of the air fryer. Preheating the air fryer and cooking food in batches are reasonable, careful steps. You can experiment with different foods in your air fryer, but cleaning and maintaining it properly should be your priority. Daily, avoid the use of metals in the air fryer. But there exist different kinds of metals that you can use. So try to use the suitable ones.

Following the professional advice will help you know whether you can use metals in the air fryer. Air fryer is a versatile appliance, but you are a pro if you know how to use it correctly. 

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