Bagel chips recipe air fryer

You need the most mouth-watering snacking for a perfect and entertaining night. Either you enjoy it with your friends or cousins. Clearly everyone have cravings for yummy snacks in such meetups.  Now you can make your own at home with clean hands is helpful. Cook in hygienic conditions which is also great for everyone’s health. Moreover, making the Bagel Chips in Air Fryer is a satisfying recipe. Bagel chips are a lighter meal for your stomach, absolutely you can have them all day, as these are also healthy. nutrients are a part of this crispy snack.

Bagel Chips in Air Fryer are easier to make and get ready in 15 minutes. Bagel chips are bread-based chips with a high level of crunch in every bite. To get the crispy bagel chips, you need to cook the bagel chips in the air fryer. You spice up the sliced bread chips with your favorite seasonings. And then put them in the air fryer basket for cooking.

The hot air inside the air fryer cooks the Bagel chips to the level of deliciousness that you desire. Besides, buying store-bought chips is way easier than making your own. But you have to make your own as you cannot compromise the health of your loved ones. The people who own your heart deserve to live a healthy life. And if you can contribute to that, it will be a great pleasure for you for sure.

What are Bagel chips recipe air fryer?

The Air Fried Bagel Chips are bagel chips because we slice the Bagel into thin slices. Also if you know how to bagel in air fryer, this recipe is going to be very easy for you.  These slices, having the thickness of regular chips, are then seasoned. And dry-fried in the air fryer to make them crispy.

It will help if you serve the crispy bagel chips with some spread. Some sauce like garlic mayo, simple mayo or whatever flavor you like to add to your mayo. Serving Bagel Chips as a side to your tea serving is another great of serving the Bagel. Your guests admire the snacks you made at home all by yourself.

This ideal level of crispiness you want to meet in your bagel chips is only possible with the air fryer. The long recipe also gets short and instant if you use an air fryer. Bagel Chips are worth serving at every table if you are hosting a party at your side.

Essential Ingredients for Making Air-Fried Bagel Chips

Making the air fryer bagel chips requires quite several ingredients. These ingredients are necessary to get the perfect flavor in your chips. Moreover, it is helpful as the ingredients required are essential. These are usually present in every kitchen. Please read the ingredient names one by one. Therefore, you can make them available in your kitchen for the actual recipe.

Main Ingredients

Bagels for Slicing

Bringing the bagels on the cutting board and then slicing them into chip-sized slices is the first step. You require almost two bagels to make a moderate amount of chips. Slice in equal sizes to create an appealing serving.

Healthy Oil- Olive Oil Bagel chips recipe air fryer

Using olive oil to make anything in the air fryer is a preference. to keep the nutrient level high. Olive oil is the most healthy oil to use in your recipes. Its primary use is greasing as well. You can use an oil spray to sprinkle on your bagel chips. Thus, they will also get a good color when oil heats up in an air fryer. 

Essential Seasonings for Flavor Bagel chips recipe air fryer

Basic seasonings like garlic powder and onion powder are essential. These are essential for flavoring the chips. A suitable amount of salt sprinkling is better in this seasoning to add a primary flavor.

Italian Seasoning

In most snacks, Italian seasoning is the essential ingredient covering all the spices. Italian seasoning develops the actual flavor in your dishes and snacks. You must use it while making the Bagel Chips in the air fryer.

Suitable Method for making the Bagel Chips in an Air Fryer

Making the Bagel chips in an air fryer has a step-by-step recipe you must follow to get a classic snack. Go through these steps one by one and then follow them. You will be a perfect cook in making these Bagel chips.

Cutting the Bagel

Slicing the Bagel into suitable chip sizes is the first step. Use a sharp knife for this purpose so that there will be no interruption in the slicing process.  In addition, an even size of every Bagel’s chips is your primary goal. Also, remember that you need round-shaped slices for your Bagel chips.

Seasoning the Bagel Chips

Seasoning the bagel chips is the first step. Add then  add slices of bagel chips to a bowl. Pour a little olive oil on the chips. Then, add all the seasonings to spice up the bagel slices. The herbs will include the addition of garlic and onion powder. Moreover, salt and Italian seasonings are a part of the win.

Loading the Air Fryer Basket 

Once the seasonings settle down, the chips start filling the air fryer basket. Put all the bagel chip slices in the basket in a uniform layer. Do not make the coating uneven. A single layer of the chips in the basket is beneficial for the crisp and even cooking.

Cooking at a Suitable Temperature Bagel chips recipe air fryer

Turn on the air fryer. Firstly, cook your Bagel chips at a very suitable temperature of 310 degrees F. Cook the chips at this temperature for enough crisp for almost 7-8 minutes.

Serving the Crispy Air Fried Bagel Chips

Bring a serving platter or basket and fill it up with your spicy and crispy bagel chips. Put a few dips, like a mayo one and a garlic one. Serve your chips to the group of people waiting eagerly for your snacks.

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Storing and Freezing the Bagel Chips

Storing the bagel chips is a relatively easy task, as people consider it to be. You need an airtight container for this purpose. Putting the air-fried bagel chips in an airtight container is excellent. This is helpful for keeping them from humidity. You can also use plastic wraps with zip locks to keep moisture from your bagel chips.

You can use the same airtight containers to freeze the cooked bagel chips. Keep them in the freezer for at least 2- 3 months. The chips will remain crispy for the entire period if no moisture enters the bag.

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How do you attain the perfect crisp in the Bagel Chips?

You must air fry with a closed lid to get next-level crisp and crunch in every bite of your bagel chips. Moreover, you can sprinkle a little corn flour on the slices of bagel. It will be enough to make your Bagel chips crispy.

Do we need cooking spray in this Bagel Chips Recipe?

Using the cooking spray in the air fryer is usually preferred. But you can skip the cooking spray if you make the Air Fryer Bagel chips. You can use a little oil to lubricate your bagel chips, and you are good to go.

What is the right way of serving the Air Fryer Bagel Chips?

Once you get the crispy bagel chips, you can serve it with tea. Serving the avocado sauce, garlic mayo mix, and chips is a great option. In addition, dipping the chips in these sauces elaborates the taste. Moreover, making the bagel chips a companion to the evening coffee makes a great meal.


On my behalf, you must try out the recipe for Making the Bagel chips in an air fryer. Following all the steps precisely in the same way will ensure you have the chief like Bagel Chips. Usually, Bagel serves as a breakfast in the mornings, but bagel chips are a snack. Thus, it is not a part of the morning routine.

The seasonings added to make the chips flavorful are customizable. You can skip any of these and add any flavor of your choice. Customizing any recipe is an excellent benefit that comes with the use of an air fryer. You can skip ingredients and add more as per choice.

Bagel Chips in Air Fryer is the most winning snack ever. For anyone with crunchy and savory cravings, bagel chips will fulfil those cravings at once. They provide instant pleasure to anyone craving these chips. Instead of buying ready-made snacks from stores and spending a lot of money on them, you must save your coins. Save time and make healthy snacks at home within a few minutes. Air fryers bring revolutionary benefits to everyone’s life. Getting introduced to this device and how to use it is a fundamental concern you can overcome in a few tries. Making all the recipes in an air fryer is immensely satisfying.


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